amazon affiliate earnings

How to amazon affiliate earnings from the website in India-marketing earnings.

amazon affiliate earnings

Hello friend Hello, you are welcome on our website. You will talk about amazon affiliate earnings in this website, which will tell you to step by step how we can earn a lot of money and how we can make income and through which mediums amazon You can earn affiliate, you read this post completely, so let’s start with the first thing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Now the central issue is what is affiliate marketing? In affiliate marketing, there are three parties involved. There is a merchant or an affiliate network, let’s consider it Amazon. Then you will be an affiliate.

Where you will promote merchant’s products through a special affiliate link. So when someone buys a product through your affiliate link, you get a commission, IE you are amazon affiliate earnings.

Now my affiliate marketing will show you step by step how to sign-up on affiliate networks, how to generate your links, how to promote these links to thousands of people for free, and then your amazon affiliate earnings link.

Almost all popular companies use affiliate marketing to drive customers. Amazon, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Foodpanda, Jomato — almost all popular companies are doing so. But the important question is how affiliate marketing will help you. By the way, the biggest advantage is definitely online amazon affiliate earnings on autopilot.

So now let’s talk about who can learn affiliate marketing. You do not need any special qualification, you do not need any technical background. All you need is a laptop, or a computer, and an internet connection. This is all you need. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you are amazon affiliate earnings from the comfort of your home.

What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing.

There is no age limit, no major course fees, only your desire to learn, and your desire for online amazon affiliate earnings. I befriend people who are making $ 100,000 to $ 300,000 per month from affiliate marketing.

So let’s talk about What is the best way to learn affiliate marketing? When I started, there was no one to guide me. No one is there to tell me the best tips, tricks, tools, or tactics that actually work. Good thing for you, I am teaching you and guiding you at every step.

Knowledge of digital marketing is required.

You need a guide, a person who has made mistakes so that you do not repeat those mistakes. So now let’s talk about which affiliate networks to focus on.

There are thousands of affiliate networks in the market. I myself use affiliate networks to make money for my affiliate websites. Where you need advanced digital marketing knowledge for amazon affiliate earnings.

The reason for this is that the competition is at a high level. For beginners, who are just starting out, what I suggest is Amazon Associate. It is easy to run and promote and now I am showing you why you should only focus on Amazon.

Amazon is the worlds largest e-commerce website

In, Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. Amazon. Com is driving more than 2.5B visitors per month. Amazon India or Amazon. It is running for more than 360M people per month.

The best thing is that every experienced affiliate marketer is targeting only Amazon. Com in the American market. But there is generally zero competition in Amazon India. So making money from an Indian Amazon affiliate account is a hundred times easier than promoting in Amazon.

Com on the US market. Apart from this, there are many other reasons why you should join Amazon affiliate network. Once you promote your Amazon affiliate link the cookie has a duration of 24 hours.

Therefore, for any customer who wants to buy in the next 24 hours, you will get a commission for that. Another good thing is that you will be paid the associated commission for the entire cart. So suppose you refer someone to buy a t-shirt.

But the person ends up buying a jeans, a hat and a T-shirt. You will receive affiliate commission amazon affiliate earnings for the entire cart value, not just the product you recommend. This is the best part about Amazon affiliate links.

Amazon has so much data and customization.

Since Amazon has so much data and customization, most people end up buying so many other products and not just the product you recommend. You can see in the image on the screen that most of the products I sold are not products I was promoting, but rather other products that people bought when I sent them and I still received commission.

The third advantage is the Amazon brand. Amazon is now one of the largest e commerce websites in India. They spend millions in advertising and now everyone knows about Amazon. So Amazon consumers have a belief, so people buying from Amazon have a much higher conversion rate.

This helps in getting more sales and hence, more affiliate commissions create amazon affiliate earnings. Getting a massive 3.5% conversion rate. So for every hundred people, I refer to Amazon, about 3 to 4 people buy the products. So just awesome.

How to make money from affiliate marketing

So now let’s talk about how you can make money from affiliate marketing. The easy answer is a website and scale it. I will show you a step-by-step in how to build a pro-like Amazon affiliate website.

I will share all the strategies that I can guarantee that within a few months, you will be making money. When your article ranks on Google search results, you won’t have to work on your website either.

This is free traffic, month after month. Unlike other platforms coming and going, Google is not going anywhere. So you don’t have to worry that Google will be out of fashion in a few months. People will keep searching on Google.

Apart from affiliate links, there are many other ways by which you can earn money from your affiliate website. You get sponsorship opportunities, branches will start emailing you. You can also make amazon affiliate earnings from sponsored links, sponsored reviews.

Promote your affiliate link to Instagramram or youtube or Facebook page

The worst thing about Instagram is that there is only one place where you can add affiliate links which is bio. So the number of links to affiliate links will be much less and hence the verbal commissions you make in a month will be very less.

This is why I do not recommend Instagram as the sole source to promote your affiliate link. The same goes for the Facebook page or group. Organic reach is dead, so you are able to promote your affiliate links in a profitable way.

So I do not recommend going to Instagram or YouTube or Facebook page or a group. A rather smart strategy is to move into a less competitive field and dominate it before it becomes too competitive. In addition, once your affiliate sites start receiving traffic, you can visit these verticals on a YouTube channel or Instagram account.

Trust me I have been doing this for almost 2 years now, I have tried and tested everything. The best strategy is to start a website first, scale it, and then move to different verticals of YouTube and Instagram.

What is the process of making money from the website through affiliate marketing?

It has given me the best results. So what is the process from affiliate marketing to amazon affiliate earnings through a website? Everything is explained in our affiliate marketing. But now, let me give you a general overview of all these works.

The process would be something like this. The first step is to research niche. I will help you find a less competitive and profitable money making niche. Then how to start a pro affiliate website. I have shared my tips, tricks and strategies with you. What I have learned from affiliate marketing in the last 2 years.

Also, I will tell you about the essential things that you need to follow so that your account is not banned. The third stage is keyword research. I will share with you the exact strategy, which I use to find keywords with less competition,

Which makes you Amazon affiliate earnings not in years, but in months. The fourth step is to write articles. Either you can write it yourself, but I will also tell you how you can outsource it to someone else. I have structured the best articles.

Post conclusion

How many words should your article contain? What color should the button be? I have tested everything. The next phase will be signed up to an amazon associate account. How to sign up? How to get approval? And how not to get banned. The next post will cover the most important details. How to get your article to rank number one on Google search results.

How many Amazon affiliate earnings can you make? Now it completely depends on you. How much time are you willing to put on your website. The more time you invest, the more amazon affiliate earnings. Must share the post with friends.

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