the best religion in the world

the best religion in the world
the best religion in the world

What are the best religion in the world and special feature

I would like to send this message out to every best religion in the world. If you truly have the best religion and you know it without a doubt.

Finding the Best Religion in the World

how come your God hasn’t given you the ability to convince everyone that he’s superior to the others? Do your religious beliefs come from traditions that have never been questioned?

Is your religion, truly is the best or do your religious leaders fear other religious leaders and nonbelievers? How could I possibly find the best religion in the world,

if every religious leader that seems to be able to communicate effectively, seems to avoid honest questions about their religion?

religion truly believes in love.

If your religion truly believes in love and practices compassion, while giving to the needy, why would you judge another religion as wrong? I’m going to go out on a limb here and speculate that most religions, fear being judged, but other best religions.

They easily control their followers, as mothers and fathers are replaced by their children, who often never question their religious traditions or beliefs, that have been passed down throughout the ages.

If you truly have the best religion, you should be able to provide answers to almost any question and your God should have given you the ability to convince anyone, that your religion is superior to all others, Religions of the world list-religions in the world.

I consider myself to be a decent and honest person, if I can’t convince someone that I am right, it might not mean that I am wrong, but I am not going to avoid any questions that they have to ask me or make anything up, to prove a point.

You simply need to believe

If I can’t answer an honest question, I’m surely not going to reply, with the simple statement,” You simply need to believe” or” Everything in our religious text is true.”

Organized religion shouldn’t be afraid to answer any questions and provide answers that make sense. That’s probably the reason why there’s not just one religion because the religious leaders can’t make total sense out of their religious scriptures.

study religion and religions around the world

For those who study religion and religions around the world, we see all sorts of handed down the tales and literature about the truth or secrets of the ancients.

The cultural differences of the various religions can usually be traced back and generally, there is a reason for them.

For instance, some best religion will not eat certain animals, but when we trace back the reason for this, we find that if these civilizations and societies had allowed such animals amongst them.

They would have eaten all the vegetation in the area and most of the food that humans would have needed during lean times. So it makes sense to put into one’s religion that it is against the religion to eat these types of animals. What is the religion of the world?

Perhaps one of the best religions and most fun

By having less of these types of animals around means there would be more food for the people. But this is just one type of scenario we see in religions.

Perhaps one of the best religions and most fun to study is the cargo ship cults of the various Polynesian islands and in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, and other areas such as regions of the South Pacific. These two can be traced back to their origins.

Perhaps all religions at one time served mankind, their leaders, and their civilizations, but it is safe to say now with the world being closer together that world religions are tearing apart the human species and they are causing conflicts, chaos, and controversies leading to war and mass killing.

start over in a world free of religion

Wouldn’t it be great if we could understand where all these best religions came from and why they are no longer valid; then it might be easier to simply wash.

all World best religion down the drain and start over in a world free of religion. That would be an incredible leap forward for the human species. Please consider all this in 2020.

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