Breakdown of religions in the world.

breakdown of religions in the world.
breakdown of religions in the world.

What is the breakdown of religions in the world and how man breaks

We are going to discuss the breakdown of religions in the world. Exactly how people get separated from a religion, how do we discard a religion after its creation. We will discuss topics etc. Let’s talk first.

What is human religion?

In a language in religion we can say that it is to highlight a positive progress of our heart and go on a positive path. We can see this as a form of religion. Humans That humanitarian brotherhood is spiritual, if it is concerned with our daily activities, then we are worthy to be called a warrior.

Because religion is one of the very best legends, or our ancestors from where Manusmriti started. Whence man began. So to make some good results, for the body, for the organism, and for the world, for the good of all, we have to put our thoughts and actions on the right path.

May the good of others, the good of others, so that the body or soul of our body sitting inside us is the welfare of others. How can we gain experience, how our religion or our family will benefit the society of the country from any religion.

How can we see religion in ourselves?

So how can we see religion in ourselves. To see if any Vedas, scriptures, Puranas, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Quran, texts of all great men have tried to create a positive path for us.

If we walk the path. Follow the rules as stated. We do the daily activities of the stated rules in our life. Or if we practice, then a positive energy is active in our body.

Only then can we establish a good environment. Can make a good family. Good societies can bring the country and the nation on a good path. Which we can call our religion.

Religion is a very good karma.

Yas Friends, Religion is a very good karma. Religion good deeds, when shall we call religion good, when we do good deeds. We will keep good thoughts, have good speech, keep good thinking, will think well of others, will treat others, only then we will be called a person of positive religion.

Breakdown of religions in the world

Now let’s talk that people get separated from religion. Why religion breaks down Why it happens in the end, so it happens in the end Because sometimes we follow the speech of great men and go on doing it very well. Which gives us positive energy. But some such worlds are a karma.

Or the atmosphere of the world, or the negative energy of our mind pollutes it for us. From which we draw some conclusions by ourselves, that yes we are not following the right path. This is contrary to our deeds. Then we can say in our mind the breakdown of religions in the world or the breaking of our religion.

This happens. When we make a calculus in itself. We conclude that what we are going to do, what we are doing is right, or wrong. If we are doing the right thing. Are following the right path. Our soul is witnessing our mind. Yes, this work is right. If true, we can call it a basis of religion.

Imagine it is religion or unrighteousness.

If we do something that compels us to think, in which we are entitled to condemn someone, in which people imagine about us, what is happening. What is doing It originates the form of an iniquity. Which creates negative energy in us, and we retreat from religion.

We retreat from a true karma. From which we can say that this is a breakdown of religion. Religion is broken now we talk.

What is the reason why religion is broken?

What is the reason why religion is broken. There is something in every religion, if we express from our experience, then it has its own process. Beans have few environments. Those few who have become prominent religions. Religion can be raised by them and religion can also be dropped.

Now the religions which are predominant, develop positive thinking among the people, then the grip of religion becomes stronger. If any selfishness or some selfish reason, if religion is brought in between. Which proves that here people are doing it for themselves, not for religion.

So a little bit of people’s trust in it is removed. Due to which there is a fear of breaking the religion. Nobody can break in religion. Because religion is not the work of one people. This is the reason for the entire human race.

Small things are revealed in the breakdown of religion.

This is a rule, this is a karma. This is a cult practice. People do religion and propagate religion as well. But in the breakdown of religion, small things come to the fore, that we suddenly do something wrong, we do bad things to someone, so that instead of bringing us a religion, we become a condemnation.

From this we can say of our life, that religion can be broken. But the religion of the entire human race does not break. Friends, we gave our lecture about some religion. My motive is not to oppose any religious religion.

My only aim is that people abandon the bad path and come on the good path, and the society thinks well of the nation and the family. Get on that right path, control your mind, create wisdom in your intellect, and establish a Satvik religion by creating justice. So that we have the welfare of our world, we should not break religion.

Post conclusion

Friends, breakdown of religions breaks our faith. Our relationship with God breaks. Our way is broken by truth. We go down a lot. Our bad deeds are done, so we should do some meditation with religion in life.

In some daily deeds, religion should be carried along with you, with little compulsion and troubles. So that our religion is strong and the religion should be broken. How did you like this post, you must tell in the comment. Do share these things with friends.


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