Did we exist before birth?

Did we exist before birth

Did we exist before birth? What is the truth?

Did we exist before birth? Where is the truth before birth? We were present before birth, so what is the truth? Truth is what the great man says. Where and how have you been true before birth? We offer some dialog with you about this. Read the post in full, or maybe the post to know the truth and where they were before birth. If we are full of information for you in arguing about it, then let us start.

Did we exist before birth?

Is it true if we were present before birth? Yes, that’s the right thing. We were present before birth. Our soul was the first, it is today and will continue to be. Because this system of creation is something like this. Truth is what I say. I have experienced the satsangs told by my spiritual master, the supreme saint, Baba Jayagurudev Ji Maharaj Ji, and what I have experienced on his path. Accordingly, I am putting this thing in front of you.

It is true that we were present before birth, we know it. First of all, God the Father created the creation, which in the Bible was Adam and Eve who were born as humans and according to Hindu scripture, the first God was the formless and the only one God. God created this creation, He created all kinds of the universe, it is called a planet.

Prithvi Jal Agni Vayu Akash created all things, then gave birth to a human being. Many humans were born from humans. But let’s talk that we were present before birth. Yes, that’s the right thing. Our soul is considered a part of that Supreme Father. Our real father is God. We are children of that divine being.

Did we exist before birth? so what is the truth?

Because our parents give birth to this body. But God gives birth to our soul. God is the real father of our soul. The truth is that God is the real father of our soul, there is never a shortage of souls. There is an infinite soul there. Thousands of crores of countless souls roam.

Countries of this period, which we can call the world. The creator of this world received us as a donation from that God, the Lord of the world prayed hard austerity worship to God the Lord of all, he gave a handful of souls to the God of this world. Our real Father, God, who is the master of all. We were present before birth? this is true.

Because our spirit was there before, even today, it will continue. Because the living soul never dies. No one can destroy the soul. The living soul Ajar is immortal. Our spirit was earlier. We were earlier, we are still today and will continue to be. Yes, if our body goes bad, we will sacrifice the body. Just like our jeans wear new clothes when they are torn. In the same way, our souls also wear a new body. Thus, the truth is that we were present before birth, this is the truth.

The truth is what I say it is

Friends, you must have understood these wonderful things in my own words, but I am my spiritual saint Baba Jayagurudev Ji Maharaj spiritual teacher, the truth is what I say. Because I have heard things from Mukharvind of that god-like guru. Because Guru is the form of God. What should that guru be like? You know What kind of guru should be in our life. Who saw the world and God from his sight.

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Who is looking at the world and seeing God? We get good luck if we get such a guru. We should search, here are such great men who have done the welfare of human society. A good new path was shown for humans. Such great men are still there today. All we need to do is search. They need to know and understand.

What I say is the truth, we were before birth, our soul is a form in light. To whom our Guru Maharaj has said that our soul is sitting in the middle of both eyes. Whose form is a very light divine form? The form of our body can be anything, but our living beings have the same form as all living souls. Therefore, we should awaken our soul only then we can know these truths.

What is the truth

What is truth Friends, from my side, Did we exist before birth, he put it in front of you? You can also tell us through the comments about what is true. Or if you want any more information related to this, you can also contact us via email. Together you can ask us something through our social network.

And yes, I hope you ask me what is the truth, you also try to tell. Maybe I have something wrong with me, but what is the truth? You can definitely tell. I told everything from my Guru Maharaj. Because I give the best status to my guru. Spirit can be awakened as a spiritual secret that they reveal.

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God can be seen and people are watching. You must have known yourself what the truth is. You can also tell through comments. But the truth is that we were before birth even today and will continue beyond the infinite grace of God. What I say is true because I say not from my side but from my guru.

Post conclusion

Friends, were we present before our birth in this article? Is it really true that we were born before it came to know about it, Did we exist before birth? Know this, hope you will like our article, share this post with your friends as much as possible, thank you very much for reading the post.

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