Do You Think God Stays In Heaven’s Original Quote? Where Exactly Does God Live

Do you think God quotes in Heaven? Where exactly does God live? Who said that you think God lives in Heaven. Do you think that God resides in heaven actor? In this post, we will share God’s printed in Heaven with you.

Do you think god stays in heaven

Do you think God stays in Heaven?

I’m not talking about a movie, and I’m going to share some knowledge about God in actuality with you; let’s start. Do you think God quotes in Heaven? Yes, because we have not seen God the Father, and we see anything with our naked eyes. Until then, we cannot have complete faith.

But some great men were born on this planet who have seen God with their spiritual power, conscience, and even with the eye of the living soul. Different legends have stated in their statements that God lives in Heaven, and someone said that God lives in all of us. Someone told us that God lives beyond and above Heaven.

God’s liking is very disturbing. Because almost all the signatures of today do unique research on where God lives? What is God’s place of residence? How are you And the way God looks? Etc. Do their study and research on things. But some spiritual men saw the great man on the strength of his yogic practice.

Do you think God stays in Heaven’s original quote?

People have shared it among the people through the platform, the book, and their thoughts. Like I am Indian, and I will talk about such a spiritual man. Who has given a detailed description of God from the open platform? Regarding God, the Bible, Quran, Puran, and all other types of texts have been told about God.

Which almost everyone studies. God is such an Aditya Shakti. It can be fantastic to visualize and expand because Saint Mahatmas have told us that no scripture can write the glory of God altogether. The great man who experienced the situation gave details to the people and told them.

Today I am told by the supreme saint Baba Jayagurudev Ji Maharaj about the description of God, where God lives, who said that God lives in Heaven. Yes, it is nothing. God is the Aditya Shakti wandering on all the circles and planets of this universe, even beyond Heaven. We cannot see God with the naked eye. If you want to see God, you need to do some spiritual practise for him. Only then can we see and receive God.

Why does it seem that God lives in Heaven?

Yes, it is right because we talk about things like the heaven simile, the simile of one sun, the imagination of Heaven, Heaven’s godly people, the house of God, etc. It seems that God lives in Heaven. Why because when we reach Heaven. Discussions of Heaven are found in texts and religious books.

Is Heaven real? Heavenly is one such godly people. Wherever God can sit there, the creations and arrangements of all his activities, the Earth, and say a place to monitor. Because we consider ourselves for God. God is our God. Who trusts us, who has made us. Gave birth to us here

Have given birth to our fathers and elders, and he has given birth to beings and living beings. This process is a heaven where God adopts the system of all his creations. We call this place heaven, people. God sits there in Heaven, making all our creations dynamic and progressive. Therefore in itself, it seems that God lives in Heaven.

Who said do you think God stays in Heaven?

Now I ask myself a question, who said that God lives in Heaven. According to the people’s different views and statements, we can clearly explain one after another that God resides in Heaven. But to know its truth, we have to find spiritual, physical, mental, and religious instincts.

It is discussed in Indian religious texts that God lives in the fairy world, even from Heaven. It is mentioned in Indian religious texts. Details like Heaven, Baikuntha, hell, and many more have been told about this planetary creation. It is said about God that “God is like a word”

The supreme saint Baba Jaygurudev Ji Maharaj states that God is like a word we call voice. Because in this universe, almost all the stars on the voice system are Earth, sky moon, all one hum, the sound is contained, and the site on this system. Because when something explodes and a terrible voice emits. Only the system of this universe can say something like this. How to find God? On what basis can we identify and see God?

God is like a word.

With the help of a word-like voice, it landed us here on the ground, which is called a word. The voice says. We are all known on different planets in the biosphere on the sound system. God has an actual world, which is called Satlok. Satlok is also beyond Heaven, where God sits, where there is nothing but light except truth.

Because the great men experienced and in their lives, on the strength of intense austerity, spirituality, found out about the same place of God and share it with all of us. When do we believe in this? When great men say they will go through this path, you will see this place.

For example, great men tell that path and practice God the same way. The experience that process on the strength of spirituality. What exactly is God? And where is God in Heaven, or is it even in Heaven? We can know things where Heaven is, spiritual power, spiritual action.

Can even get God

You can also receive God. Just those actions need to be done from this body. Through this, we can reach the creation of God through this physical process. So you think that God lives in Heaven. Who said that God lives in Heaven? We can clarify these things only when we adopt a physical-spiritual, infinite devotion to that God and that process, that system.

The system through which great men attained God. The Lord Jesus Christ received God. Lord Rama’s talk, Krishna’s talk, Kabir Nanak, and Guru adopted that system. The system through which God was entirely found, knowing everything about the place where God lives.

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Do you think God stays in Heaven, the actor?

Do you think that God resides in heaven actor? Yes, we agree with this. Because when a movie of some kind is made, its primary role is that of the actor. Through which the description of the entire film runs. In the same way, we can know that God is our actor sitting in Heaven.

Because he is the film’s protagonist and will get all the arts and what’s to be done with all of us, he gets it done. We dance in this life world on our own. Walking but walking location can create one in itself. God does not put anyone under restriction. We are free to believe in God and move ahead with a right and accurate time for ourselves.

We can bestow the title as God Heaven actor. Because he is doing all the monitoring sitting on top, and he is creating the system with all of us. We have to come to know. We can experience this thing only if we study deeply about God and attain God through the spiritual process.


Friends, you learned in this post that you think God stays in Heaven. We discussed the same thing in this post; I hope you will find it full of our information because everyone has different views about God. But can clarify ideas if we do complete research and get the correct, accurate information; I hope you must have liked our article. You can share this article with your friends through maximum social networking. Thank you very much for reading the post; God helps you.

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