How to find God? On what basis can we identify and see God?

How to find God?
How to find God?

How to find God? On what basis can we identify and see God?

How to find God? On what basis can we identify and see God? Our thoughts on getting God, on what basis do we recognize God. Which are the actions through which we can see God? How to find God? There is God if God will surely be found and How to find God?

Can you know how can one see God? How do we know God? What is the right way to find God? How will God meet us? There is some way to find God, there is God if God will surely be found and How to find God?

How to do devotion to attain God? How to do devotion to get God? As soon as Bhakti comes into life, transformation starts from within. Then God is sure to appear and meet.

How to Find God?

You know a lot of people cannot seem to find God, so where is he hiding? Some people spend their whole life looking for god and still cannot find him anywhere? after how to find God?

Every person thinks about God. At some stage in life, every person thinks about God. Even the atheist has to be thinking of God while trying to negate his existence. The concept of God God is different in different religions. and to find God? what?

but the common man of almost every faith has come to believe that He is a person and has the same attributes as a man. That is reflected in the fact that we invariably use the pronoun He. Every religion puts emphasis on reaching or finding God.

No in fact scientists generally agree that those who are schizophrenic are true of higher IQ and their brains are very efficient and they are able to create something out of nothing.

Find God About something enough in your mind.

Do you know why they cannot find him? Well, simple really he does not exist. But you ask how come some people can find him then? This is because they trick their minds into joining the group of mass hallucination of religion.

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If you think about something enough your mind God. will attempt to create it, so indeed you could say that God exists only in one’s mind. But since God does not exist this makes these people psychotic or schizophrenic? Indeed that is exactly what is going on as they court a made up invisible friend in their own minds.

Can We Find God?

But how do we find God? The word ‘find’ implies a search. In searching for something one has to know what he is searching for. Otherwise, how would one recognize the object of search? If God is a particular person, how do you recognize a person in a multitude of millions unless you have seen the person before?

Added to that is the assumption that as a person God lives in heaven; so it is impossible to encounter Him while living in this world. This is the unfortunate part since it forces most religions to postulate life after death.

There is also the basic question as to what one means by finding God. find God. Obviously this depends on the concept of God that one has. Finding an object is one thing and finding a non-material entity is something else. Philosophers and scientists alike have been trying to find the truth behind the existence of the universe from the dawn of civilization.

How beautiful life is with God.

Anything intangible like truth is a concept that cannot be found in the literal sense; it can only be realized. So when we talk about finding God it is only in the sense of realization and that is what great mystics of all ages have found God succeeded in find doing.

When you do begin to let it go, however, you discover how beautiful life is with God. Questions like: How do I find God? I will start to feel foreign to you. Instead of always looking for God, you will feel God and enjoy walking in the joy of this ineffective presence. This produces a real transformation in how you think, live, treat others, and the world.

Change your thinking about yourself and God. You are not separate from God. You did not inherit some faulty gene that, while dormant in your infancy years, has come to life at some mythical Which, by the way, find God my friend, is nowhere in scripture. This is the notion of “inherited” sin or “original sin,” or “age of accountability”, all these religious doctrines created by religious thinkers for centuries and for all.

Just theological constructs created by religion.

These are all just theological constructs created by religious thinkers down through the centuries and, for all the good you may wish to believe they have done, the damage is manifestly worse, and will likely take centuries to heal. They have no basis in any of Jesus’ sermons. I challenge anyone to prove differently.

Will you let go of your old ways of thinking? Can you? find God Would you change the way you think about yourself, about God? Will you start with the assumption that God is in you already?

You cannot find God in a book of religion,

You cannot find God in church, either. Both these places can be portals in the presence of God. But they are all and, never forget, God needs neither because God has many portals. If you want that God has an intrinsic meaning, and what does a spiritual person not do? Why would you see yourself outside who you are or who is in you who IS you already?

Regard every thought of God as God. Some of you are reading this only to find something with which to disagree. You have found it, too. Yet, you’re still reading.

Why? Are you looking for more with which to disagree? how to find God. You’ll find that, too. So, what is it with you? Do you need just a little more firepower for your eventual response? Or, do you just enjoy feeling miserable toward Christians like me that you readily dismiss as “reprobates,” “find God,” or severely misguided nitwits who are “proof” the “end is near?

Practice believing that find God dwells in you already.

If you make it your practice to pay little attention to every thought of God, then you will soon begin to consider every idea of God as God.ought of God is God. This is how believing works.

Believing, at least the way Jesus expressed has little to do with everything to do with content and conduct. So make these suggestions your spiritual practice.

It is how faith grows and trusts, or trusts what works. Seek God, the word to believe is actually a better translation of the biblical meaning “faith.” “Believe” is too easily confused with beliefs.

Remember that God dwells in all others, too. Even all things. If you make it your new way, you will start believing, and behaving so much, that the God in you is the God in others as well.

How to really open up to God?

How to really open up to God? Can you imagine the difference it would make in your life, in your relationships, in this world, if you could see God not only in yourself but in everyone? in yourself, but in everyone and everything else?

In other words, stop trying to find God. Why? It isn’t necessary. Also, you cannot find what is not lost. Knowing God is nothing more than genuine repentance – which, brotherhood, means “changing what you think.”Repentance is not soulful, in the” revivalist “traditions of my youth, and distinct from post-eighteenth-century Christian history. story since the eighteenth century.

Such “find God” is required at every revival meeting. And, this long-lasting spiritual impact never lasted long before another revival was needed, able to reunite those who were never able to live with a sustained spirit. Seemed able to live with a regular sense of God’s presence.

To get to God one has to do a devotion.

To get to God one has to do a devotion. Practice this truth and when the time comes. You will find that your old ways of thinking. Will go through a miraculous metamorphosis – it is called “salvation” in the Bible – you are called “salvation” in the Bible — you will make the inexplicable discovery that the Presence you seek is the person you are.

Find God, God will meet God carefully, God is an incomprehensible puzzle for those who try to know God by reading a book. No earthly person can tell what God is? The problem of knowing God always remains before him. It is very important to get absorbed in God to know God.

A person who gets greed, Maya, greed, ego and gets absorbed in God. Only then can one truly know God. God worship is the ladder to reach God, which opens the doors of heaven for you.

God should meditate.

People who have the illusion that reading the Vedas will find God. They have to get out of this false illusion because of reading. The things related to them written in the Vedas does not provide a way to get to the Lord.

If there was knowledge from reading the Vedas and there was a way to meet God, then everyone would be close to God. That is why every person should meditate on God while indulging in God’s worship.

In this world God is supernatural and knowledge is cosmic. Because of this, devotees with sense, mind, and intellect cannot know them even after performing lakhs. He does not get the devotee even by following the path of saints. find God, God only meets true practice.

God Himself Said

God himself has said that he is beyond sense, mind, and intellect. They cannot be contemplated and contemplated. If they had met through contemplation, the devotees would have had their divine vision by now.

A person can make this body meaningful by Satsang, while he can make it Kurukshetra, but God supports goodness. Both gentlemen and Durjan are needed. With him, so man should dedicate whatever deeds he does to God.

For example, spraying of conch water in the temple is important. The water that falls over it gets freedom from the sin of many births. In the same find God way,

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