How to prepare agricultural land for farming?

How to prepare agricultural land for farming
How to prepare agricultural land for farming

How to prepare agricultural land for full crop cultivation? Plowing field

Hello friends and welcome to All India World. Today, through this topic of ours, you will learn how to prepare agricultural land before harvest. We are going to discuss this subject.

You read this post in full, like friends you know that currently, the Ravi crop is over and how we prepare our farm in summer for the Kharif crop. We are going to discuss this.

Do not light the wheat stalks

The first thing is that after the wheat is cut if the wheat stalks are planted in your field. So they do not have to burn them, do not burn them, because if we burn that stalk then the humidity that remains in our agricultural land is gone.

Because through some grass thatch our ground is saved from hardening. It keeps from getting complicated because the tiny pieces of it get mixed in our land after plowing. In which the power to draw water after rain is generated under the soil.

Therefore, the first thing is that if we have to prepare the agricultural land properly, then do not burn the wheat stalks which are on them.

Deep plowing through tractor

Now it comes to friends, as soon as it rains, you can get deep plowing done in your field through a tractor. By deep plowing, it is that the top stalk goes underground and the soil is well reversed. That too, the right amount of agricultural land is prepared for our cultivation.

For example, if we do plowing once in summer, it should be done at least 7-8 days later if you want, by fully cultivating the cultivator in your field so that our farm can be well prepared for agricultural land.

Plowing advantage

What happens by plowing is that whatever pit or low level inside the field helps in leveling our field with the cultivator and if possible you can also use Pata.

We can do whatever is made of wood, and tied it in a tractor, with the separation. This will result in the complete equality of our farm and will remain flat and our farm will be ready for agricultural land.

Post conclusion

Just like friends, if we have prepared a whole field of crop bone, then definitely good agricultural land will be received for us and we can benefit greatly. If this post is useful, then you must share it with your friends. Thank you.

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