I have done nothing wrong ever in my life Balbodi Ramtoriya

I have done nothing wrong ever in my life Blbodi Ramtoriya

I have done nothing wrong ever in my life, I’m fighting for my life

Hi Friend Hello, wonderful turn of my life, I have done nothing wrong ever in my life, I am fighting with my life. Presently my life as a slime, I have to fight all my life. House fires build my life. Friends, in this article, I want to share important things related to my life with you. You are going to be very interesting to read me, which is the story of my life, so let’s start.

I have done nothing wrong ever in my life

Welcome you to Balbodi Ramtoriya. I have done nothing wrong ever in my life, friends, love my life. hate it because I have not been able to use the time that I had spent before. I am left with nothing but regrets today. Because of the time I wasted out of my life, I was damaged to a great extent.

I have never done anything wrong in my life, it is right because I am fighting with my life today. My financial constraints are my biggest helplessness. Because I am going to live in India. You must know my name, I do not know, I tell you Balbodi Ramtoriya I am a poor citizen of India. My economy is very weak. I fight day and night for money.

But money does not cost me, I do not know why it happens, it is because the time that I used in my ex did not make me fit, I thought people good in life, people worked for good. I did social work and worked for the good of society, people followed me and I fell behind, I fell.

I’m fighting for my life

Today my life as mud, I am very fed up with my life. But I am fighting. After all, how long my life will go like this, my belief is that I will progress 1 day and will progress so much that all my systems will be established and I will make my connection with all the systems. I will reach them at the right time. I have done nothing wrong ever in my life, nor did I aim because I am a life of simplicity and combative life.

If I count the days of my life, my time is wasted. I do not want to live in that life, because my time was against me, my economy is against me, I could not do the right thing and the right direction, so today I am upset. My life is like mud But I am struggling. Will keep doing it because that God has given me life,

Gave me life, I will not let that life go in vain. I am dedicating my life to the good of others. Because my purpose is that I have come to life, if not for myself, at least for others. So that my life was successful, Some Important things, It works steps to success, although I had some before, today I have nothing. Earlier my economy was somewhat good.

Never done anything wrong and I’m fighting for life

Today I am currently writing this article. At that time my economy is very weak. After all, why is it because I fought two elections in the last decade and failed in both? Because once in life, if a man contests elections, he goes back 10 years to the economy. That’s why I’m upset and I’m

But I do not want to weaken my intention because if I weaken my intention, I will fall down in desperation. Life is worse than death when it falls. So I am trying my best to avoid falling into myself. I am trying to get up in front. I am proving myself when I will progress. When coming on a good path So that I get the right path of my life.

I will keep walking Just my life started loving me, my life started loving me because at the moment I have some hatred for life. If I remember the old things, in myself, I curse life thinking how much wasted time you have, why did you do this, what did you get by doing this, but still I have courage in me.

My life is a fight

Yes, I should be patient, I should be patient. So that in the future, the fruit of that patience can give me my life, in this way I have done nothing wrong ever in my life and I am fighting with life, now I will discuss different topics of my life, which will be interesting for you. About to happen. You will laugh, this topic you will know the real truth,

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You know what the next turns remind me of my life. I am fighting with life Just my life is a fight. Because people whose lives are active. Is positive and develops. Developed with money developed from the economy, they do not enjoy fighting for this life. He can take the fun of fighting with life. Those who are weak, desperate, upset, frustrated,

Such a person fights with his life as the economy is strained. He has to face every single trouble day by day. What will we do tomorrow, what are we doing today, what will happen next. How do we get out of the situation, one has to fight with anxiety every day. But it is very important to fight with life by removing anxiety. It would be the human’s duty to face every disaster and objection.

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Fight life love life

Fight life should love life. What happens by doing this is that we have a chance to open some new paths. Fighting life is a great thing to love life. It happens in life. how to succeed in life, Because we are behind, weak at the moment.

We are struggling with our lives. I took help from each other to make my arrangements but did not take free help. I asked for a money or loan amount in this way. Made the arrangements. But today I have done nothing wrong ever in my life.

Because I have to repay the loan money. For that, I am fighting day by day with my life. So that I want to return that which I have taken and I am trying my best today. I do not know what will happen next, but I believe that if I kept fighting with life, we would surely succeed one day.

my life as a slime

My life as a slush, friends, I want to say this word because a person whose condition is very bad and he is not able to understand anything, sees his life, considers hatred of life and poor life. Why does he believe that he believes that he has not got anything from life? He is upset, frustrated with frustration.

That is why we see ourselves, that this life in the form of mud, a human being dropped down but it is not like that. Do not think about yourself. If we make this thinking, then we will fall further down into the mud. We will fall into the mud and be swept away and our lives will be destroyed.

We have to struggle to make the life that has fallen in the mud clean and clear. Us has to fight with life. I say this, I have done nothing wrong ever in my life and I am fighting with my life. Trying to make my mud life cleaner and cleaner. Friends, every person should do, who understands himself that my life is like mud, but it is our duty to make it clean and tidy. Because God has given the body for us, we should use this body in good works and fight ahead of our life.

all my life I had to fight

I have to fight all my life, I am saying this because I am currently 41 years old. But I could not achieve that success. The success that people achieve. A good economy, a good family operation, but I failed in this success and I am running after him today. I feel in myself that I had to fight in life.

Why people don’t fight so much. People are smart and clever. Are smart Put in positive work. But it is fickle that people pull the matter of any benefit out of their hands. But this is not the kind that a person should get. He should get the fruits of hard work in life.

I agree with this. But my hard work is not working right now. I am not reaching the hard work that I need. I had to fight all my life and I will keep on fighting. With the love of life from my life and I am trying to prepare an accessible path for myself. So that I can make my progress and see everyone’s well.

Post conclusion Balbodi Ramtoriya

In Balbodi Ramtoriya, I wish for the well-being of the people, it will be good for the people, it will be good for me when people are well I have done nothing wrong ever in my life, saying this to myself. Because my soul is testifying to me. God testifies that I have done nothing wrong ever in my life. I will fight ahead with this intention, I am fighting a fight with my life.

I do not know when this battle will end, only the one above knows. Further readers request, this is some aspect related to my life. Whatever may have been shared with you, you may have joking or, you thought laughter. But everything I wrote is the truth of my life. Hope you like knowing about my life and I pray to God, God bless everyone with full affinity, and all people will be good. Thanks a lot for reading the post

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