In which field India is No 1 in the world?

In which field India is No 1 in world

In which field India is No 1 in the world? About some important elements of India

Hello friends, today we talk about, In which field India is No 1 in world, in which field India is number 1 in the world? We are going to share information with you about some important elements of India. According to my information, which I found after much research because I am Indian and India is ranked at what level of the world. I am going to share information about this with you. You may have read this post in its entirety, so if you get specific information about India, let’s start.

In which field India is No 1 in the world

India is becoming a superpower in the world. But there will also be many people who will compare it with those of western countries because nowadays we make our full opinion only by watching some pics on TV. India is a developing country and we compare India with Western developed countries. But today we are very proud to tell that India is not far behind from those countries.

That time is getting closer. When we see the western country looking towards India, today we have brought it for you. Hearing some facts outside (if you are Indian) you will also feel proud of India. Foreign newspapers and TV channels show only the same picture of India. In which India is said to be a poor country. But now the whole world has started knowing the strength of India.

It has been 74 years since India was liberated from the British. But you know that a special Parliament session was held in England because the Indian company Tata had talked about selling one of its Corus, which would have cost the jobs of thousands of citizens of England. Do you know which TATA is the largest company in the whole UK private sector? And the CEO of Synap Chat says that India is a poor country.

World’s fastest-growing economy

But he would not know that Tata, an Indian company, has also bought Jaguar and Rangerod and not only does it come and many Indian companies have got their iron in the UK and for this India did not even have to enslave the British, Indian It is not just the master of spirituality but the master of business.

India has already done the second tax and has become the fastest-growing economy in the world. India has not even used its entire resources. Now let’s talk about the world’s largest information technology sector in technology. India has captured 67% of the IP market in the world. India is the fourth highest technology transaction country in the world.

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Now, let’s talk about the Indian Space Research Organization ie ISRO, which in its first attempt and at the lowest cost, delivered a space rocket to Mars. The world was also surprised to see this when India left 104 satellites in space in one turn and by the time the world was able to digest it, ISRO sent the world’s heaviest satellite into space. Now in this form, Venus is also talking about sending rockets. Along with this, India also has its own navigation satellite.

Now India is the world’s largest

Now let’s talk about the health that India is now the world’s largest genetically stroking country. Among the hospitals in the developed countries of the world, 25% of the doctors are Indians. India is soon to become the world’s largest hedge tourism place. India has provided the cheapest treatment in the world. the world’s largest jewelry and precious stone exporting country India.

If you get rich by wearing our foreign jewelry. They are made in India, they are made in India itself, you would not even know that 95% of the world’s diamonds are cut and policy is also made in India itself. It all happens in Surat. India is going to build a smart city. More population of India lives in villages and soon there will be migration from village to cities, such a big migration would never have happened in the whole world.

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India’s Esphatte textures are the fastest-changing in the world, with India is also the fastest-growing in banking and media. Today, Indian companies such as CEO of PepsiCo Google, and Microsoft are Indians. There are so many Indians in the world today that the hours go by counting the names, if you still find them better than Western India, then perhaps you need to think once more.

The number of internet in India is increasing.

The way India is moving forward. The time is not far when we will leave everyone behind, yet we bow down to everyone. Because we do not consider anyone small or weak. Today the English language is said to be the most spoken language in the world. You must have tried to appear model by speaking the English language. But you might not know that more than half of the words in the English language are derived from our Sanskrit.

Do you also find English looking plain modern? You might not know. The whole world is playing with nature for progress. At the same time, Indian progress is climbing the stairs that India is far behind in developed countries in carbon dioxide emissions. Because we want to create a future.

You talk about the telecom sector that India is going to become the largest telecom sector in the world. The number of the Internet in India is increasing. The whole world is shocked that the biggest credit goes to it. More customers are going to be the most in the whole world. JIO offers the cheapest 4G network in the world. Which gives the whole world from 50 to $ 100 for 4G data.

People of many religions have lived together in India for years

JIO is offering $ 5, which has led to the world’s biggest jump in the digital market in India in the last 6 months. You might not know the way India’s production capacity is growing. India is going to be number one soon. Today India’s civilization is being adopted in every country of the world. Whether it is a product made in India or yoga, Patanjali is growing towards becoming the biggest company not only in the country but also abroad.

For this, we do not have to attack and rule any country, today India is gradually becoming rich and it is India’s hard-earned money. People of many religions have lived together for thousands of years in India. Many countries of the world follow only one religion. But there is the same love for every religion in India. Today, with the help of the citizens of India, it is called the superpower of the world. some read Religions of the world list-religions in the world.

In America itself, where an American has an annual income of $ 65000, an Indian is earning up to $ 100,000. Yes, an Indian earns the most public in America. Looking at this, we can think about how hardworking Indians really are. Today, big countries of the world are getting rich by robbing small countries, and looted countries are ruined.

If India has such a big economy

But you might not know that India never occupied another country in its 10,000-year history. That is, if India has such a large economy today, it is the hard work of all of us, not the money looted like big countries. Even today, we curse illiteracy in India, but you might not know that India has the second-highest number of scientists and engineers in the world.

Due to lack of employment, our development may not be there otherwise, if given properly, how much momentum can India give. The 103-year-old Indian film industry is the largest producer of films in the world, releasing more than 1,600 films every year – more than 20 different languages! You cannot even guess it. When India was called a backward country.

The situation today is that the Internet has more than the entire population in India. The current population of India as of 2020 is 1,382,752,528. In the world’s largest news channel, 5621 different languages ​​are printed in India. Jewelry makes every family in India. But you might not know, only 12% of the world’s gold is held by women in India. Completely unexpected ways in which India is the leading world.

Post conclusion

Friends, know in your post that India is number 1 among the top places in the world,In which field India is No 1 in world. About the number of internet in India, the world’s fastest-growing economy, people of all religions live together in India. Go to this post about things like the growing economy in India. Hope you like our Indian information, you can share it with your friends.

We are Indians, we do not want to insult anyone or show anyone down. We salute everyone. Respect all countries. Because no country is ever less than anyone, nor is any country weak in any way. Thank you

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