Are our Earth, Wind, and Fire still together? Elements in the human body

Hello, is earth wind fire and together? Prithvi Pawan and Agni are still together. What elements is the human body made of? Are there any elements in the human body? Are there any facts other than Prithvi Pawan and Agni? Today we are going to discuss something with you on this post. Let’s start.

Is Earth Wind and Fire still together?

Is Earth still wind and Fire?

Yes, that’s the right thing because that is the natural element on which the universe is needed. We need some aspect, not only for the body of a man but also for the need to protect the body of other beings. What are those elements such as Earth, water, fire, air, and the sky? Is our body made of five elements?

The human body needs all five elements. Especially the pure earth fire is such a direct. Which is necessary for the human body, for the mind to run in the world? Now we talk about what will happen due to the lack of any element in the human body?

As you know, if one element is deficient in a human being, like Earth’s water, firewire, air, sky, if one part is evil in the body, the mental and physical motion of the Earth is hindered. Equilibrium deteriorates. Or you can say you can also be mad because all these elements are generally required for the body.

Earth, water, Fire, air sky

The work of Fire is to show an energy power inside the body, and directly through the Fire, we cook food. Earth means to run on this Earth, which is connected to our body. Be destroyed in this body. Have to live. Now let’s talk about water like

You will know that 60%-90% of water content is found in the human body. In which water is necessary for the angel’s body. If there is a water shortage, many diseases and problems arise. In the same way, the central role of air is to give oxygen to our life, and if we lack oxygen, then our body dies.

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Our body removes oxygen from the body as soon as it is exhausted. Similarly, oxygen and bio are required for the body. Now the sky of the sky we talk about makes our body balance. Due to this, our body successfully balances energy and various types of energy. This element is a gift of nature for us, and it is contained in these elements.

The human body has only five elements.

When our body dies, they are separated from us. Gradually, we are absorbed in all the elements, like, if we incorporate the body into the Earth, some include it into the Fire, and somebody contains it in water. In this way, we are made of these elements and merge into these elements. Especially Prithvi Bhavan and Agni are together.

With the help of all these, our body is formed. With this, we come to an end. Do not all these elements exist in other animals? Yes, it happens, but there are only five elements in the human body. The remaining other animal animals are less than 5. As wild creatures, they do not contain all the five elements in their entirety. It is only humans that have up to five.

Other beings have less than five elements. Animal animals have up to two parts, up to one of these three. Man who needs five elements. To assume that the body is operated on,

How do we protect all elements?

How do we protect all these elements? We can preserve all the details, and we have to contribute some of our own to balance it. To save the Earth and make oxygen to rainwater, we have to make the environment clean and clean.

To prevent pollution. Balance has to be made, and the environment has to be clean. Plant a tree so that we can make clean water, water, air, and sky. All this clean our life meaningful and get energy life.


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