Last time of life and what do we say to the god of death

What is the last time of life and what do we say to the god of death

Last time of life and what do we say to the god of death
what do we say to the god of death

Hello, What can be seen in the last time of life and what do we say to the God of death? What is the god of death called? By what name is it known? Today, in this post you are going to share the talk with you by some great men, let us start.

What is the last time of life?

What is the last time of life like friends you know that, the last time of life which every human has with nature, the last time comes and he has to go through this time. Because life does not know when, at what point, at what time, in whatever form, we should end, and we can enter the mouth of that death god. In his hands, come into his possession, no one ever knows.

Because there are many scientist scientists and many other celebrities who are searching for it, but this discovery is not being successful. This search is successful in only one way.

Experiencing the spiritual one truth, passing your life with one truth can only be experienced. There are some great men who explained that time, how the last time of a human being passes into the situation. Some Indian religious texts state that.

Dead time

Some great men who have seen the last time of life, test it, they tell that when the last time of man comes. So he reaches a Sunni position. Because a person does not die or die until he reaches a listening position. If a person has any desire in his mind, he has to wander for some time.

But when the wishes of loss of all types of gain from the brother-in-law from his family are completely normal, he reaches the flame (0) position. When there is a time that we do not even believe in ourselves, what are we ourselves? In such a situation, they reach the hand of the God of Death.

what do we say to the god of death

What do we call the god of death, friends, you know that in fact, every person’s death is a reality. true. We will one day go into the hands of the god of death, become his slave. When it comes to human death. There is a very strange mystery. Which in itself is such an experience that we are floating in the air from the earth? And stayed with the god of death.

Who lives in this life we ​​call God of death. The god of death can be known by many other names, which punishes our evil deeds. It is called Yamraj. Yamdoot says. The Yamdoot comes to catch us.

If human actions are good, no one has done evil in life, lived for good, lived for good work, then some good ways are prepared for us, who come to fetch us angels. Which is taken to heaven.

We say to the god of death

If we have bad karma in our life, and with someone, we have cheated, dishonestly stolen, and done many different kinds of bad deeds that cause problems to people, then they have done such deeds, then the Yamdoot is dragged, killed, beaten, with this body Removes our life. So we die. We can call the god of death as Yamdoot, or call it as Kaal God.

Tomorrow means God. Tomorrow is the end of time, the end of what is coming is definitely the end. He is called Kaal Bhagwan. Because he is true that he will surely end this life for us. Because what is to come tomorrow ends in exactly the same way, the life of a human being, but all beings on the creation, is to end. God can also call him a call.

“Dinkar bhrata auspicious and inauspicious karma fruit giver in the form of call” This sentence is found in the Mahabharata Ramayana texts. Which is revealed in the Hindu tradition religious scriptures.

Post conclusion

Friends, you must have known what death is in the last time of life and what do we say to the god of death, this post must be something true for you. Explain this information with your friends. Thank you

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