Reflections On Political Thought In The Context Of Worldview

Politics and political thought in Indian thought have been discussed in the context of a philosophy of life. Every thinker has had a worldview and his political views have evolved in the context of that worldview. In Western thought also we will find many such thinkers, who have propounded political ideas and theories in the context of their philosophical establishments.

Thoughts on Political Thought

Hegel, Nietzsche, Spengler, etc. have developed their political thinking only in the context of their philosophical establishments. The same can be said about Graham Wallace. Marxist political thought is completely based on dialectical materialism.

Political ideas can neither be developed nor established in a justified manner without the basis of ideas. Indian political thought. The political principles which have been formulated by the thinkers from the very beginning,

Their basis has been some philosophical or ethical beliefs. No thinker can ignore values ​​and beliefs; He has to tell the basis of good, bad, right, wrong and if he does not do this then his idea is incomplete.

Indian political thought

Since ancient times, religion has had a special place in the life of the individual and society in India, but religion is not a religion or a sect. In fact, the Indian view of religion has always been broad. It is accepted as the basis of the values ​​of moral and spiritual life.

It involves the interest of all. In this form, religion is the basis of all systems, emotions, behavior of human beings and society. As long as society and individuals do not adopt the resolutions accepted by religion, their welfare is not possible.

All this is possible only through religion. Religion disciplines and stabilizes the nature of the state, the actions of the king, the conduct of the common man. In this form, religion is in the form of a sense of duty and human welfare. It is also necessary that political thinking should be religious for the sake of universal interest.

Political thought in terms of worldview

Yes, if there is a sense of sectarianism or communal interest in it, then it does not remain in its original form. In this situation, the sense of universality begins to disappear. The citizens of the Indian state can lead a happy life.,

Political thought is not religious in the form that it emphasizes the beliefs of any faith, doctrine, creed, or sect, but it is in the form that it considers human welfare, human unity, and the development of human qualities of man. Is.

Indian Political Thought and Religion

In the Chandogyopanishad it is said, ” Promotion of Dharma, promotion of virtue and preservation of knowledge should be well done in every state. There should be assistance, the opening of food areas and hospitals for the public, and knowledge should be encouraged.

Similarly, the meaning of economic promotion is that the state should develop agriculture, industry, and commerce, irrigation system, dams, and canals should be built.

Promotion of work means that the state should establish peace and order. One should work for the establishment of a just society and nurture fine arts like music, political thought, art, literature, architecture, Vastu, etc.

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