PUBG Mobile gameplay tips and tricks on a live post

PUBG Mobile gameplay tips and tricks on a live post

PUBG Mobile gameplay
PUBG Mobile gameplay

Hello, guys what’s up. People are back with another post for PUBG Mobile for All India because it sucks – so I am going to share some tips and tricks of PUBG Mobile gameplay for eating more bars and chicken in the game.

PUBG Mobile gameplay Tips live

I won’t get around the bush, but here’s a quick question for you guys, before I start this PUBG Mobile gameplay post, you think this gray requirement killed the enemies coming down from your answer. Will go and in the end, I’ll come back to you, so let’s start with the first trick.

We all know how much trouble the smoke gets from this trick in the final round, you will be able to see in the smoke and surprise the enemy with a quick kill just to go near the smoke and change your idea from TPP to FPP. Can, you will be able to see inside the smoke in the smoke scene but it is not visible.

In the PUBG Mobile gameplay scene, this is a good trick to roll up your sleeves. The next step in my list in the final list is for those who keep it safe and camp in homes. So that you can increase your rank. The window of this house and then set nearby.

PUBG strongly

From inside the window as you can see it on the screen, you can escape directly from the house by entering the car from the window, so if you see the footsteps of the enemy or the vehicle coming from nearby. Then you just click the drive. And then you can kill easily.

They don’t give up that it looks like you can run straight to a new house or a place, as long as they get out and grab your car, you’ll be long gone. PUBG Mobile gameplay Next Step for TDM Players Is that you can come between players.

Those who use snipers in TDM and are promiscuous with their shots, so this trick will help you master the sniper in the TDM area, all you have to do is bring that scene to the fore. Where your crosshair is.

Inside player’s eye

It takes you time to adjust it properly, but the results go crazy once it is set to increase the size of the eye view just to your liking. After this, you just have to move and trigger the sniper. When the player looks inside the eye it becomes really simple and you will just get the hang of it after three.

Coming into the final stages for PUBG Mobile gameplay, you are ever so good in this game that you are well out of that position Oh, just release the weapon and to reset the ammo in the weapon, lift it back as That you can see I had 0 left them and is now circling back to 180 pretty cool grenade brakes.

You see PUBG Mobile gameplay

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that the person will not die due to that grenade. Because he is not in sight of that grenade, even though the grenade is about two meters from you, but you cannot see that you will not be affected by it, it is still helpful.

When you see PUBG Mobile gameplay, the grenade is not for you to move and just moves enough to leave your place. The green head should not be insight and when you land in a crowded place and attack enemies without weapons, you will fix the bonus step here before you finish this post.

The conclusion
When you can see on the PUBG Mobile gameplay screen, you can jump and attack them. Jump and it gives a lot more damage than a normal punch. This is also true with Pan and others.

PUBG Mobile gameplay Tips weapon because there is too much for this post, I hope you must have liked our post gameplay Tips and Tricks on a live post. Share to friends.

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