Story of a soul/soul worker soul sequence

Story of a soul/soul worker soul sequence
Story of a soul/soul worker soul sequence

Story of a soul/soul worker soul sequence/soul of a venerable old hand

Hello friends! Welcome to our website. Today’s our topic is a soul/soul worker soul sequence / the story of a venerable old hand soul, today we are going to share with you in this post the science of soul stories with some great men. So let’s start.

Story of a soul

First of all, we talk, “Soul Story” G Number One Soul Story Soul, we are all giving a divine natural sitting in the body. Which we can know by the names “Soul” “Soul” “Jeevatma” etc. We cannot see the soul for real. To see the soul we can see the inner soul, with those eyes we can see the soul.

Soul Story We are going to share the Ati Story with you as told by Param Sant Baba Jaygurudev Ji Maharaj. The greatest saint of Indian society, who awakened the soul. Saw the soul. Told the story of the soul, First of all, our spirit God, the Supreme God, who is the master of all, God, God, Allah, Ram, Jesus, God, was with him.

From there, a prayer was made by Kaal, the God who gave birth and death, to that Supreme God, who is the master of all. We are the master of all living beings on earth, Earth/sky/atmosphere/planet/aquifer/overland / all the types of things that we are seeing from creation. The master of all who made this world. God can call him God Allah.

Kaal lord birth-death giver

To that Supreme Father God, “Kaal Bhagavan” born death giver asked him to give God something to rule for me. So that I can administer them. I should rule them. Then that God the Father gave a handful, the stock of the soul equal to the fist of one hand, that God the Father gave to Kaal God. The Supreme Father, the God who gave birth, handed over all of us to time.

We are walking in the same circle today, in this cycle of birth and death. God said to the person that I am giving you charity. Do a true prayer. You do my real vision by doing true meditation, doing truth yoga, awakening your soul. You can come to me after visiting. But we have forgotten everything after coming to this world.

Here we forgot our true home. Forgot the true statement. The true Father God who owns all of us and is also the Father is the Judge of justice. Everything is the same as the master of all, we have forgotten it. Because the curtain of deeds has fallen upon us. Our soul has become dry on our soul through bad deeds, bad thoughts, and various kinds of immoral deeds.

Birth death

One power of the soul is gone. What happens with this is that we had forgotten all that in this world, by getting absorbed in fallen deeds, in this world we had the ability to get God, to see God, to worship Him. Now in this world, we are stuck in the circle of both “birth-death” and “birth-death”. Because whatever we see in the universe here with our eyes. It is a fact that they are born dead.

If we sleep in a dream. We sleep at night, after sleeping which we wake up in the morning. So we discuss the dream seen in the night in detail in the morning. Tell others what we saw in the dream at night? But real life, this human body is so bad, so bad that even after we die, after we are born again after being born, we cannot say what we actually did in the next life?

So we can say that this life is worse than a dream, worse than a dream. The soul has wandered into this world due to bad deeds. Now we have to get out of this world if the living soul has to go to his true home. God the True Father. Where we separated. The God who gave us charity in the hands of God. To reach that God, we have to pray truly.

True prayer

Story of a soul/soul worker soul sequence/soul of a venerable old hand

True prayer, begging God to show us all, O God the Father. May God has mercy on us, bring us to your true home, that God the Father. O Godfather, you pull us. So that we can meet you and we reach our private home. Because this world is a state for us. Is bad because it happens from house to house. Life passes in the house

But as soon as you get out of the house, be it human or anyone, it is very sad. The relaxed house which is in the family is not outside. Therefore, life itself is neither very good nor bad. But to bring our soul to the true home of that Father, God. The true worship of that Supreme Father, God, has to be done. True prayer has to be done. Only then can we reach that Supreme God.

Therefore, the story of the soul keeps going on. Because we have come from some country and got trapped here. This world is not our reality here. Our home, India, Pakistan, Rajasthan, or Japan, America are not here. This is the place to live our life. Real-life is the home of the real God. Real Our True Real True House is the house of God. Reaching God is our true home. There are guests made here. How long are you for? I do not know when God will destroy our time.

Soul worker soul sequence

Now let’s talk. Soul worker soul sequence. In reality, we ourselves are not workers of souls, we are workers of this body. Can equip us of the body. You can make your body beautiful. Can make the body strong. Can make powerful. But we can also make the soul clean and clean. Because until good disorders arise in our minds.

Good positive thinking will not be born in the mind. Till then we cannot reach the right sequence, the right worker of our soul. The true worker of this soul is God the Supreme Father. But who gave our soul. Kaal is the birth of God, the giver of death, he acts as our body. The real worker is God the Father. The master of all is one.

Where our true home is. This is a true country. We have come from the same true country, we remain a guest. Wherever we live in the world. Live like a guest. Actual life can be 100–120 or 50 years old. We are a guest for so many days. Our soul, the true worker of our soul, is God the Supreme Father. He knows this program. He only knows its system. Only he can emotional it. So we can say that the soul worker is God the Supreme Father.

Soul of a venerable old hand

I am going to share a story for you, the hand of a venerable old man. Because whoever caught God, who prayed to God, forgets everything. Even today, there are some old people who have left everything to God. One who does not even dress properly for himself. Do not use the right bed and sleep on the floor.

But inside his soul, there is a conscience inside his mind. Anyone he talks to will feel relaxed. He will feel at peace. There are many elders who have love and faith in the soul of the real. Because trust is a very positive trend. Only by faith can we reach God. So the soul is such a story, which is heard by old people. Those who believe in the soul.

Post conclusion

Friends, how did you like this post, you must tell in the comment. From my spiritual experience, I told my account. Which my revered Guru Jai Gurudev Ji Maharaj told and I experienced that. According to that experience, I shared this “soul story” with you, tell me how you felt.

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