The human life value concept is based on?

The human life value concept is based on?
The human life value concept is based on?

The human life value concept is based on?- tag on human life?

The human life value people throughout. Their lives are obliged. And required to accomplish their tasks as expected by them. However, there are variations in their performances. Can anyone put a price tag on human life? Is it possible to quantify the value of human life?

Every human in this world is valuable and priceless to himself and his family. An attempt to quantify the value of human life may sound ridiculous.

Social and Cultural Impact in Human Life

Human beings are appropriately programmed. Within the concept and meaning of creation. It evidently and comprehensively exhibits the creational realities from time of conceiving and through existence until culmination.

Therefore, human life value hence deviating from their intended track. The former act is of paramount importance as compared to the latter. Although, the second part has its own impact, yet, it meets with denial and rejections.

Interaction or social get-together is the pivotal point in human life. The celebration of these activities follows the rhythmic pattern of life. It integrates values of life from the past through the present and carried forward into the future.

present and hoping for a better future.

It has an interesting angle too, showing peripheral and in-depth nature. Also, a fact that it leaves a lasting impact on an individual’s life. It stimulates and compels us to think beyond its visible signs and effects. We, then, remember these events. and human life value cherishes the memories of past and present and hoping for a better future.

The words, interactions, and remembrances are not restricted. To our society alone. Its impact stretches much more and goes beyond our lives. The expression of feelings and its impact on other creation’s realities leaves imprints on the human mind.

There are reasons and obligations within and outside the environments of social events. These are governing tools of internal and external forces. A question arises within the mind over this issue. human life value, Are these reasons volunteers in nature or otherwise, is the point to ponder?

Human life value remembers many occasions to cherish.

The common interest evolves out of interaction is social. The cause is remembered and appreciated. However, the unpleasant situation paints a sordid picture too.

Therefore, it becomes important to concentrate on social interaction based on mutual respect and dignity. Thus, people will look forward to a meeting which will eventually remember many occasions to cherish.

There are important factors, which could be either a trivial issue or complex in nature. The thoughts and feelings behind these factors are of great significance. It also profoundly leaves a trail of pleasant memories and events to remember.

Therefore, human life value we must evolve means to explore and exploit these trivial issues and turn them into lasting memories of happiness and joy.

Human life value regular intervals and needed.

In general, people are involved in the materialistic world to such an extent. That they forget the realities of life. They ignore happiness and comforts within each other’s company. These are the crucial moments, wherein, fleeting thoughts and exchanges of pleasantries will change the scenario.

Hence, human life value is essential to transform these moments into melody and music that affect our existence in meaningful ways. Thus, interaction and get together at regular intervals are necessary and needed. It not only maintains harmony among each other but also impacts overall personality.

The remembrance will eventually reflect, periodically, sweet memories. The importance is not restricted to many great events and celebrations. Multiple issues or a single event can leave a huge impact.

This is a very important noticeable point.

It will transform the situation into an eternal factor of extreme happiness and joy. The warp and weft of the fabric of social interaction and mutual respect will culminate into a comfort zone of peace. The outcome of such cultural events will transform into memorable remembrances. This is a very important noticeable point, and human life value we should seriously look into the whole issue.

The points to ponder are insignificant issues, yet profound in its meaning and effects. can also become a pillar of support for a healthy society. It is our responsibility to evolve a path of love and affection reflecting humility. It will, eventually upheld human values and develop a healthy mind. Thus, the line of thinking will follow a path of sweet memories and human life value remembrance.

Every person on this Human Life Value

But it becomes the foremost job of an underwriter to evaluate a human life in terms of money, in order to restrict the amount of insurance that can be provided to a person.

Every person on this earth would like to insure himself for a maximum possible limit and it is the job of the insurance company to cut a line for this limit and all the more important is to safeguard from under-insurance problems, which countries like America are facing now.

Concept of Human Life Value:

Human Life Value concept was founded by Dr. Solomon S. Huebner, the founder of ‘The American College of Life Underwriters’, in the 1920s. HLV concept is used by various professionals like Underwriters, Courts, etc.

for determining the economic value for a Human Life. For the victims of the ‘Terrorist attack of September 11, 2001’ on the twin towers, courts decided the amount of settlement based on this concept.

Insurance Companies use what is known as the HUMAN LIFE VALUE concept for computing the economic value of a person to his family. The amount that the family would require to retain the same standard of living in the absence of a person will be his financial value to the family.

A person can seek insurance protection.

On the contrary, the financial loss of the family on the death of the person is his value to his family. This would be the most extreme sum for which an individual can look for protection security.

Basically, human life value is based on an individual’s earning ability. The sum the family will lose in his nonattendance. By applying what is called a Human Life. esteem idea. The measures of money related help given by the individual. To his family is resolved.termined.

Human Life Value (HLV)

This method of calculating life insurance is based on the contribution that one makes and would have made to her/his family in case of sudden demise.

So HLV is characterized as the current estimation. Of all future salary. It also includes other fringe benefits, less personal expenses, life insurance premiums, and taxes.

Current Life Insurance

The human life value estimated through either. Of the above processes, LESS the current in-force sum insured gives the additional insurance amount that has to be taken by the person to provide for his/her future needs and for his/her family in case of his


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