Universalizing anthropologists have looked at religion

Universalizing anthropologists have looked at religion
Universalizing anthropologists have looked at religion

Universalizing religion-Anthropologists have looked at religion

Welcome friends, Universalizing religion-Anthropologists have looked at religion. What Is Religion? There are simply way too many religions out there that will not yield to the possibility. That someone else might have been raised in a different culture with a different religion. The definition would have to be all covering.

Thus people fight over ideal and religion. People die due to this huge problem in humanity and something must be done. One idea is to ban all world religions or ban any country from promoting a particular religion. Another concept is to have one world religion based on such things as; Truth, Reason, Science, Wisdom.

What Is Religion? Anthropologists have looked at religion

Religion has many different meanings depending on what culture one comes from. The anthropology of religion probably began with Al Biruni (973 – 1048), an Islamic scholar from Persia who did a detailed scientific study of religions and cultures throughout the Middlentific studies of religions and cultures across the Middle East, Mediterranean, and the Indian sub Continent. He is regarded as the founder of anthropology.

Anthropologists have seen religion from ages, and have examined those symbols. Gods who have been worshiped are being glorified. temples, temples, churches. And even nature field. The temples, shrines, churches, and even the nature of the goods being promoted. There have been a thousand years of history in this study.

Anthropologists look further at the ethical code, the moral code, the organizational hierarchy of different religions to find a universal definition.s to find a universal definition. While there are folk religions, shamanistic religions, major Indian religions, Abramatic religions, Taoist religions, and many others, for some reason, there is not a single explanation that truly defines what religion is. The dictionaries have not any good definitions.

The definition would have to be all covering.

So, we take a step back again. Who is it that is seeking these religions. We are. What are we then? After answering that question, perhaps we can see what man is trying to do with all these religions.

And the number of religions is likely to be in the thousands. Perhaps in millions, it is unlikely and irrational. That only one religion is right, and the other one religion is right, and the others are simply wrong. So one definition has to cover all.

As stated, dictionaries are not useful here. Even older dictionaries. They focus on deities, systems of worship, etc. But the etymology of the word religion is a good clue. It is Latin, and “RI” back meaning, and “ligare“, which means to tie. It implies that religion is a phenomenon to bind us back to something.

Religion can then be described as a philosophy of knowledge.

So what is life? Life is that entity-force which we answer to as “I”. It has properties and follows certain laws that govern its existence and operation in the physical universe.

Religion could then be described. As a philosophy of knowledge. On how the life force, which we claim as “I” and “me”, exists, came to be in, operates, or inter-relates within, the physical universe and how each life-force relates to each other.

The definition further would include how that life-force relates to not only the physical universe but to the allness of all, the absolute everything of everything – including the full expanse of this and any other universe, and the universal creator of creations.

How about a Universal Religion for Humanity?

So, how about a Universal Religion for Humanity? Is it even possible and if so what would it be like and could it adapt itself outside our Biosphere or Earth as humans travel and colonize nearby worlds? If so this might solve the problem that we face with wars in the here and now. We need to stop religious conflicts in the world and thus need a peacekeeping force to do this.

Yes by all means we need to keep the world talking to each other and understanding each other’s culture, but we also need to fish out the bad guys who use and promote religion to build armies and terrorist groups to kill. Perhaps we might impose additional taxes on religions that cause the World the most problems?

The issue of religion. Intolerance in the name of religion is obvious hypocrisy and yet. As a World Community. These issues are not being addressed. If we fail here to stop the hatred and misunderstanding, all we do is continue more of the same for another few hundred years, but why?

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