What is Anxiety Synonyms 28 Secrets of Anxiety

What is Anxiety Synonyms 28 Secrets of Anxiety
What is Anxiety Synonyms 28 Secrets of Anxiety

What is Anxiety Synonyms, Anxiety Disorders, and Symptoms-The 28 Secrets of Anxiety

Hell, What is the synonym of anxiety, what are the symptoms of anxiety in the body, what is the secret of anxiety and what are the topics of anxiety that affect the human body, etc? In this post, we are going to do all kinds of things in this post. To discuss the topic that is really worrying,

Does that worry make us so sad, what is our identity? At what level do we reach with anxiety, what is the harm to our body due to worrying, etc. All kinds of things will fall through our post, you read this post completely.

Purpose to live a worry free life

Make you aim to live a worry-free life on the right path, worry is the same, worry is the same as a funeral pyre. It has been said by mystics that this thing is not my point but the experience is proven experience, the pyre burns the dead, how can the worries get the funeral pyre free.

The following are the important secrets of anxiety.

  1. The punishment for the questions to be discussed is similar to that of the pyre.
  2. Worries destroy all the power of man.
  3. You are the enemy of your life, if you worry.
  4. Anxiety is a sign of weakness that makes it toxic in life.
  5. Shiny as concern has borne every human being born.
  6. Anxiety gives cowardice and poisons in life
  7. Worry, if you want the destruction of form, strength, and knowledge.
  8. There is the same difference between thinking and worrying as there is a confident healthy and patient person.
  9. I consider a person who loses his time after worrying over any loss or damage, so forget what happened.
  10. Trust in your power; On the other hand, borrowing power is fatal.
  11. Working from morning to evening, man does not get tired as much as anger gets tired in 1 hour of anxiety.
  12. If you want to worry, do character. Concern for the future does not prove to be worthwhile.
  13. Anxiety is the same as a pyre. Which makes a human hollow like a mite inside and its activity is destroyed.
  14. Anxiety increases with fuel, as the fire grows, worry is destroyed by thinking. Like fuel without fire.
  15. If we spend more time worrying about any work, if we spend more time in that good work then there is no such thing as worry.

What is Anxiety Synonyms, Secrets of Anxiety

  1. What is the benefit of worry? Worry is never appropriate, so put your sufferings in your old swing and smile.
  2. A person with a hymn formed on his back who goes to bed with worries.
  3. Make the pyre lit issue alive with worry.
  4. If work is proved by worry, then everyone worries instead of work.
  5. One concern gives rise to hundreds of other concerns like blood seed.
  6. Man is not afraid of worry, it dries up.
  7. Despite the powers, they are not used if there is a concern in the heart.
  8. Put worry first on your list of enemies.
  9. Worry if you want to destroy them in form, strength, and knowledge.
  10. Getting rid of anxiety should be the first duty of a human being, otherwise it reduces the powers of man.
  11. Anxiety and honeybees remove as much as you remove.
  12. A demon of anxiety settles permanently in the mind of an anxious person, then he neither lets work nor achieves success.
  13. A demon of anxiety encamps in his heart.
  14. Anxiety creates such a black wall in which no street is thought to fall after falling.
  15. The work is never too much, the worry makes it more and more, the more the bandage of the state’s bee is removed, the more it will go away, the worry is the same.

anxiety hindi meaning

Now we talk about Anxiety Synonyms. Friends have many meanings in Hindi, which we can also say synonyms or synonyms. So synonyms of anxiety, we are shown through the following below which are the following.

anxiety hindi meaning

worry-चिंता, परेशानी, कष्ट
disquietness-आकुलता, उद्वेग, बेकली, बेचैनी, चिंता
poor or low spirits-उदासीनता, खिन्नता, विषाद, चिंता
worriment-परेशानी, बाधा, कठिनाई, चिंता, मुसीबत
concern-चिंता, मामला, सोच, मतलब, वास्ता, प्रसंग
fear-डर, भय, आशंका, चिंता, शंका, संत्रास
anxiety-चिंता, व्यग्रता, उत्कंठा, सोच
care-देख-भाल, चिंता, सावधानी, देख-रेख, संरक्षण, एहतियात
charge-चार्ज, प्रभार, आवेश, भार, लागत, चिंता
aftercare-चिंता, परवा
thought-विचार, अनुमान, चिंता, वित्ति, योजना, विचार-प्रक्रिया
thinking-सोच, विचार, राय, चिंता, ऊहापोह, मत
disquiet-बेचैनी, परेशानी, चिंता, घबराहट, बेकली
solicitude-सरपरस्ती, परवरिश, चिंता
cogitation-ऊहापोह, सोच, चिंता, विचार
wardship-परवा, अभिभावकता, परवरिश, सरपरस्ती, चिंता, संरक्षण
pigeon-कबूतर, कपोत, भोला आदमी, कन्या, चिंता, भोला-भाला
suspense-दुविधा, भ्रांति, चिंता
tendance-परवा, अनुगामी समूह, चिंता, अनुचर-वृंद
chariness-दूरंदेशी, परवा, एहतियात, सावधानी, चिंता
meditation-ध्यान, समाधि, विचार, चिंता, प्रगाढ़, सोच
disquietude-बेचैनी, घबराहट, अस्थिरता, चिंता
prepossession-पक्षपात, विधारण, चिंता

The conclusion

Friends, we have discussed the concerns in this topic, Anxiety Synonyms what is the level of anxiety that takes a person to a level, the person should not worry and should continue on his karma because when we do karma and if there is no burden of worry on our mind then our All worries will end from the root, so first of all you worry or be seen in India, then you worry about what we are not in your all.

The great men have said that the body was shattered by the worry, the body was gone from the father to God, it was said to be Lakshmi, friends, Kabir friends, through this post, Anxiety Synonyms we have put our experiences in front of you through this post, hope that you will find this post very much Would love to share this informative post more and more to your friends

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