What is define generosity? Generosity meaning.

What is define generosity? Generosity meaning
What is define generosity? Generosity meaning

What is define generosity? Generosity meaning and leniency synonym

Definition of generosity What and who deserves generosity? Generosity meaning.What and who deserves generosity.def of generosity and define generosity of spirit. define generosity What and who def of generosity? Generosity meaning.

If you could not forget the crop of benevolence. Then prepare a plant, The fools start a small work and become restless in that. The wise start big tasks and remain relaxed.

Generosity is the best quality of man. You will sympathize with others in sorrow. Then tomorrow when you need it. Then those people will see your own support from the bottom, of the heart, for great achievements. We should not do karma. Now, one must also believe.

Important accurate ideas about generosity

  1. I am grateful to those who made me cautious by condemning me, I do not appreciate the kindness that I show to a benefactor.
  2. Mahatma is one who does good to those who do evil to him.
  3. Sushil Dharmatma and all friends are the characters who pity those beings.
  4. All the assets of the world make such a character as its own place, as the water moves downwards and dua naturally moves towards the sky.
  5. Just like your wickedness does not leave your base and bloodshed on your head. Just as a liberal does not leave his generosity.
  6. According to the law of nature, happiness comes to teach the lesson of generosity and renunciation. Not only this but generosity also reinforces renunciation. That renunciation preserves generosity.
  7. Be happy about adopting generosity and sacrifice, and reality becomes unity among the suffering.
  8. Because of which all conflicts are automatically eradicated. Then there is no hatred left.
  9. The great man neither insults anyone nor tolerates him.
  10. Different religions with liberal minds see the truth, narrow minded ones see the only difference.
  11. This is mine, it belongs to others, such narrow people understand. Those with generosity consider the whole world to be their family.
  12. Generosity comes high, kindness and gratitude are his helpers.

A brave man does not make friends of anyone. In the peace of war, he forgets and even makes friends of his fierce enemy integral.

Generosity synonym words hindi english

उदारताgenerosity, leniency, magnanimity, largesse, liberality, bounty
दानशीलताgenerosity, benefication, munificence, largesse, largess, liberality
सज्जनताinnocuity, nobleness, generosity, nobility, gentility, noble-mindedness
मुलायमितsoftness, tenderness, generosity, gentleness
सदाशयताgenerosity, nobleness, magnanimity, noble-mindedness
Generosity synonym words hindi english

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Friends, we have given the sentences of some great men of generosity, who in our life we ​​can use them. Or we can understand generosity seriously by our conscience. He can succeed in giving priority to one of his life at best. Do share the post with your friends.


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