What is feeling the presence of God Right?

What is feeling the presence of God Right?
What is feeling the presence of God Right?

Hi, Friend Hello how are you feeling the presence of God right with you in this post today. Some will know the really important element. Feel the presence of God? To feel the presence of God? And what is the sign of the presence of God? We are going to discuss with you in this post on important things. Stay on the post, let’s start.

How to feel the presence of God?

Friends, you know that we see some amazingly unique and peculiar scenes. Which does not happen in a human being. It is helpless, a person cannot control it. If we are unable to control and the situation is uncontrollable, then we consider ourselves a desperate disappointment.

Or in a situation that we achieve a goal by success in a strange way, we in a mysterious way appreciate our luck or destiny. There is a miracle in it. Sure, yes a miracle of God can happen. Because we can feel the presence of God.

In what situation can we have a difficult situation and remember God in that situation. That God helps us. Our success is in our hands, at that time we thank God very much. God, I thank you I was well and I succeeded in good work.

Thank you so much, god

When happiness is awakened in us, or someone we are in a terrible situation. In times of crisis, we remember God, O God, help me. There is feeling in us. To God that God helps me and when any of our impaired work or someone we are going towards success, succeed. At that time we thank God very much.

There is a happy awakening in us, at that time we consider the presence of God and thank them. When we thank God again and again, at that time there is an inner feeling that yes we are feeling the presence of God.

God is with us, helping us. In some such wonderful and mysterious circumstances, the blessing of God on turning success and despair into hope. In that situation, we give the status of the presence of God.

feeling the presence of god

Realizing the presence of God, friends, we are sharing some such general things with you. Which we can consider as a game of our life. As such, human life is rare and fleeting. This proverb has been heard many times. In the course of contemplation, a desire for easy analysis of it arose why the human body and body are so rare and priceless.

Where the limit of knowledge ends. Science starts from there, where the boundary of science ends, spirituality starts from there. Located on the cornerstone of “Adhyat Param Dhemahi”. Spiritualism is the process of continuously moving on the path of God in the form of truth with positive thoughts.

A spiritual analysis of a very rare life will prove more useful in the smooth presentation of health thinking. In the language of spirituality, the body of mystics has been described beautifully, and scientifically, scientists say that this body has tied the terrorists in the column of bones. By applying flesh and blood in it, it has made the skin beautiful, but it is just a vessel.

God’s presence in the language of spirituality

The analysis of life which is full of death is foul-smelling. It is true that the charm of the external beauty of this body keeps us from forgetting that we are just a mannequin made of bone mass. This body has three speeds when it becomes lifeless. As it is buried, this step goes into the stomach of insects.

If the water is left in the sky or is drowned, then the animal becomes the food of the birds and their beats become burnt. Because this deathbed is the absolute truth that this beauty is the death of death. Whatever is seen from the steps here is destroyed. But a working life in the body can write its own immortal story.

Even on how many days our life is maximum, we have beautifully attempted mathematical analysis from the spiritual point of view. Normally, tradition and practice is the same truth that the life year of a human being is based on the belief that it is a working day in this life cycle, with few exceptions It is not known when some time of life has passed.

What are the signs of God’s presence?

Whether or not some time has passed, it is not decided when and at what time we become a part of our death in a critical situation. In such a situation, we have to understand our bodies. We should thank God, feeling the presence of God, who created this wonderful body with understanding. That we have made him and his infinite grace should be fully understood. We should feel his presence.

What is the sign of the presence of God? You can fully experience this thing. Whether there is a presence of God or not, these are some important turning points of life or some such amazing scenes. Those who feel like seeing a miracle. Because we remember God in a bad situation that God help me and we continue on our continuous work.

But God does provide some way or another for us. Because God God gives us such wisdom, gives such knowledge, awakens emotions in this way, or produces such powerful energy in us. With which we become so active that a miracle happens. God is infinitely pleased. This indicates that yes is the presence of God.

Yes, there is the presence of God.

The signs of God’s presence, God is with us and is taking pity on us. Sometimes it is so much that birth is a creation like death. Someone fighting life and death and upset is disappointed. Thinks of going to the last moments of life. In that circumstance, there is such a wonderful miracle of that God that we would have survived death,

There can be many signs of God where it helps us. Yes, it does not come in real form, but in a real sense, our wisdom and wisdom give it so much power in us that all the energy in us is positive.

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How can we can’t expect God to do all the work

We succeed in any work with a good sign and good perseverance. Thus a sign of the presence of God, we can feel inside ourselves. Rather we could not see it with eyes, but there is a feeling in us that yes, there is the presence of God. He is helping us.

Post conclusion God’s presence

Friends, you have learned in this post that in the past we can remember God and take his blessings in his presence in a direct and positive way. We can fully believe with confidence that yes God is there and God will support us, giving. We thank you again and again, friends, you will like this little information in me, which I have revealed to you. If you like the feeling of the presence of god post, then you should share this article on your social network as much as possible, thanks.

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