What is prohibition knowledge and what is its specialty?

Hello, Friends Welcome in this post, What is prohibited knowledge and what is its specialty Prohibited knowledge example Prohibited knowledge, secret knowledge, which is different from forbidden knowledge, is used to describe forbidden knowledge usually not secret, but in a society where prohibited information is generally general Knowledge, but citing publicly, prohibited knowledge and esoteric information.

forbidden knowledge
forbidden knowledge

What is prohibition knowledge?

Prohibited knowledge differs from forbidden knowledge, which is used to describe secret knowledge, forbidden books, or other information to which access is restricted, or for political or religious reasons to be demoted.

Prohibited knowledge is usually not secret, but society or various institutions will use oppressive mechanisms to either completely prevent the publication of information that is objectionable or dangerous, or unsuccessful

Such information in the public’s trust to reduce to try. Repression of the public can create paradoxical situations where prohibited information is generally common knowledge, but it is not allowed by publicly citing it.

The object of forbidden knowledge

In some 20th-century regimes such as Communist countries in Eastern Europe and China, the ban on foreign propaganda, the publication of forbidden books by the Roman Catholic Church, did not allow this. In the United States, many attempts to censor moral majority, including conservative groups, censor pro-civil rights, and feminist works.

Our bodies, such as ourselves, had forbidden all Western literature in Japan and China of isolation throughout the year. In many cases, this resulted in political jokes by making people defend themselves.


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Jokes have been associated in history with a powerful tool to weaken the state’s authority and truth to the public. Forbidden Knowledge “aims to challenge orthodox ideas in the fields of science, technology, and spiritual consciousness in the existing civilization. The interviews featured in the book are all contemporary talents that have moved the world.

Forbidden Knowledge and Deciphering

Secret societies continue the secret even today, separating them from the masses, as they have done for thousands of years. Why? Is it because they believe that they should not put pearls before pigs? Do they imagine that they have a corner market on “The Truth”, while no other groups or religions do?

forbidden knowledge
forbidden knowledge

Is forbidden knowledge too dangerous for the rest of us? What would ordinary people do with this forbidden knowledge? Are the rest of us not worthy of these esoteric secrets? Or are these philosophies heretical and completely false? Do they hide evil and evil? Are they hiding a dark evil with a false face of goodness?

I must now admit that I was a member of a special mystical brotherhood of the Sukti tradition many years ago. At first, this group did not find its secret, but soon I favored hiding some deep prohibited knowledge from the public. But even before that, for many years I had studied and researched various esoteric schools and traditions,

Mystic knowledge prohibited knowledge

Some were included with it, so the superiors of this particular mystic enlightenment forbidden knowledge order recognized my potential. I was in a teaching position and taught lessons to some students, but my superiors reprimanded me when I talked about things that I should not call “beginner,” or even “intermediate.” put.


I was sabotaged and told not to teach any student for a year. I was angry because I always believed that the truth should be revealed, not hidden. At first, I felt that I had no choice in this matter,

I did not want to suppress or keep quiet. So I became a solitary devotee, freed from religious organizations. Likewise, from the first-hand experience, I also learned that many such groups get entangled in politics and in the hierarchy of their structures, where the ego is closed-balanced,

Forbidden Knowledge Examples

Sometimes members lose sight of purity. I say this because I have seen that some of these groups have either changed or abandoned their deep teachings for political reasons and have instead succumbed to basic fundamental dogma.

forbidden knowledge
forbidden knowledge

For a reason, they did not want to be type-cast as a “cult” but did not succeed very well, appearing as a legitimate mainstream religious body. As such groups, I described that I was involved within the end to disappointing me,

However, I really sought his profoundly forbidden knowledge without politics, and stubbornly succumbed. I am telling you this account because I already understand why many mysterious groups fall easily and also that they maintain the secrecy of their deep teachings.

Secret hiding for different reasons

Of course, different secret societies may prefer concealment for different reasons. But they generally feel that the public is not prepared for what they have to offer. He believes that most people are “undivided” and “untargeted”, except those who come through their doors and are ready for “initiation”.


Once taken the initiative, these students are imparted in-depth knowledge, but little at a time. Since I was associated with a particular esoteric school in earlier years (in the 70s), it took ten years to learn some deep principles of knowledge. I also learned that various other Gupta schools shared the same type of knowledge.

Therefore no mystery school has the entire corner market on this secret prohibited knowledge, although they may think that they do. They may use different labels or structures or rituals and beyond, but all of this is essentially the same ancient wisdom.

You have forbidden knowledge

Even if you have never cared about your dreams in your life or you do not intend to, you should learn what is in your mind, how your brain and behavior work and you should How to avoid losing mental health.

This is forbidden knowledge because the wild side of your brain keeps hiding. The truth from the human side of your brain so that it can manipulate you. Since most people dominate their wild side, they agree on what is bad and immoral,


This is why they distort reality and give all its aspects a wrong definition, which is dangerous to their eyes. Only to learn how you can use priceless knowledge to understand the esoteric dream language, which will reveal the whole truth about you and the meaning of your life.

Scientifically proven

You may think that your dreams are not worth your attention or you will never remember any dreams if you do not remember your dreams, but you will be surprised to know that they are like a computer with an internet connection, Which keeps you informed through images.

The information you get is objective and real, it has already been scientifically proven. If you care about them, you will remember 5 dreams per night. Today you do not remember them simply because you do not give them any importance.

forbidden knowledge
forbidden knowledge

I can also tell you that if you can learn about yourself, about yourself, other people, the world around you, the future, and many other things just by translating the meaning of your dreams, then you are not your brain Will be able to change Thank you for the knowledge of what we learn about our dreams, to know what is present inside your brain and how you can protect your mental health and happiness.

Your dreams make you wrong decisions

Your dreams are going to save you from making the wrong decisions and connecting with the wrong people. They will tell you about the future development of your marriage, about your career, and everything else you do.

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Because you can ‘be able to predict your reactions and predict what might happen in the future based on your actions. You will realize that the unconscious mind that produces your dreams is your naturopath and teacher and only gives you the best advice.

Solve insignificant and important problems

It helps you solve the most insignificant and most important problems of your life, with the same devotion, because everything is important to you and everything can help fuel a mental illness.

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Post conclusion

Until today it was forbidden for you. But now my simplification of the scientific method of forbidden dream interpretation discovered by a psychiatrist has transformed the complex and obscure vocation with the meaning of your dreams from images to words into simple and precise translations. Discovered the treatment of all mental illnesses and simplified the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to translate the meaning of your dreams accurately, so that you can gain health, knowledge, and happiness.

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