What is the importance of speech communication?

What is the importance of speech communication?
What is the importance of speech communication?

What is the importance of speech communication? Principles of Speech Communication.

What is the importance of speech communication? Principles of Speech Communication. Importance of Speech, the importance of speech upon human action. What is Persuasive Speech Type? Educative Speech Type, Argumentative Speech Type, Informative Speech Type. A speechmaker must JUSTIFY why you are convinced.you have satisfactorily understudied the subject.

Importance of Speech

If we look at the history of mankind, there has never been a time when any other form of communication equaled spoken words in terms of their value and importance. If one considers the development of mankind, if he contemplates its initial phase, he will find that Savage’s wandering family was entirely dependent on its membersavages depended entirely upon what its members said to one another.

A little later, when a group of families made a clan or tribe, the individuals still heard speeches of their leaders, or they voiced their own opinions in tribal meetings. The spoken words of tribal leaders were viewed. With respect and were obeyed without any objections.

Importance of speech upon human action

This effect is similar in nature to what we now feel when we hear our national anthem in a soccer match. The drama was another popular form of entertainment, which was a valuable spreader of knowledge and religion in all primitive societies. If one analyzes the components of a drama, expressions, spoken words, and the pitch and tone of an actor’s voice play an integral role in the success of a drama.

Every great epoch of the world’s progress shows the supreme importance of speech upon human action-individual and collective. The history of the United States might almost be written as. A continuous record of the influence of great speakers upon others. The colonists were led to concrete action by persuasive speeches.

Whether it was a small tribe in the Stone Age or a large nation such as the Roman Empire, speech and spoken words have always played a big role in the individual and collective lives of the people.

Principles of Speech Communication

Speechmaking is perhaps one of the innate abilities of man, irrespective of one’s citizenry, or ethnic affiliations. Yet many people speak without realizing that it is a special ability without which communication between people and groups would not be possible.would not be possible.

Speech communication differs from normal day to day talking in which one speaks sporadically without considering ethics and skills. However, it is similar to everyday communication. That they are both driven by the aim to communicate meaningfully.

Speechmaking is organized communication. Aimed at sharing specific messages about a given subject to create an impact on solving human problems.

Generally, there are, for conveniences, sake, four basic speech types

This article provides guidance in the following areas: Types of speech
Sages/steps in the speechmaking process and Structure of a speech. The onus remains squarely, on every speechmaker to identify the type of speech most suitable to his/her purpose. For emphasis, it should be known that the aim of your delivery should be the sole factor dictating the style/type of speech you should choose to use.

Argumentative Speech Type

Arguments imply elaborate presentation of all perspectives to an object or a subject of discussion, before settling down for the most applicable option. What comes out of an argument as most acceptable may not necessarily be truer, or better than other options, but the process of arguing makes it best, when compared to the others.

This is why one choosing this type must bear in mind that it is his/her approach to it, and the ability to convince that determines the success or failure of the entire process. While this may be closely related to the persuasive essay, the dissimilarity lies in using points to convince at all costs.

To argue, therefore, the speechmaker needs to clearly and exhaustively raise every point of the issue and state facts about it. And this statement of facts is the “why” of the validity or not of your argument.

Persuasive Speech Type

As the name indicates. This type of speech stimulates a favorable nature. Towards the subject of your concern or to appeal. To the audience to see it your way and act as you desire.

Companies, individuals, and Non-Governmental Organisations. It depends on the project grant. It is often necessary for their proposals to be brief. Before forums of grant agencies. In doing this. They are expected to give brief information. The straight-to-point rundown of what they propose to do to achieve a goal if given a grant.

This summary must necessarily include a statement of methodology. And justification why it has to be your proposal and not that of another. You must convince that using so and so method. You will be able to achieve set goals within the specified time, without waste of resources. And this, you must do without a doubt.

Speech Maker Must Tell?

A high point worthy of emphasis is to persuade. A speech giver must tell why you have this belief. That your method is best suited to produce the best results. Your entire exercise will be meaningless if it fails to provide justification.

Also, students defending their research projects/thesis/dissertations ought to bear this in mind, as they will at one time or another. Need to persuade their tutors I favor of their work.

Educative Speech Type

Although teaching in a classroom situation requires more than speech-making skills. It would do you well as a professional teacher. Haven underwent training in the profession, to add these to your skills. As one who teaches in a school or a religious organization, one makes speeches often, both officially and otherwise.

Advertising agencies as. Well, make use of this type of speech as a product display demonstration. To teach prospective consumers of a new product a step – by – step approach to using it.

An educative speech provides a comprehensible how-to-do-it guide to given subjects and must be done carefully to avoid confusing consumers/students/audience/congregation.

Informative Speech Type

The aim of this class of speech is to make known. This may come in the presentable form in which the speechmaker delivers. It to the audience or maybe a press release.

Whichever the case, both the writer and the giver of speech must choose words carefully in order not to mislead. As the aim is to give accurate, unmistaken information at press conferences. Organizational report forums, annual general meetings, state of the affair reviews, etc.

Where and when necessary, consult with people such as experts. Who has a better technical understanding of the subject than you and to these. Pose ALL your questions and let their answers be the knowledge. With which you confront the exercise. These answers should be the basis of the speech you present.

In doing this, you should avoid stating the obvious. By this, I mean elements that can easily be deciphered. And understood should not be your primary aim to explain. Rather you will do more good. By the layman and on these, place your emphasis.

your speech is a political manifesto.

If for instance, your speech is a political manifesto, it will be more profitable to describe in detail. What you intend to do to solve certain societal problems and your conduct in office. Than to dwell on the might of your political party or on the electioneering process. Whoever your audience already knows. How to vote and how strong your party is but even if they don’t.

If on the other hand, your concern is a product/service as a PRE/Advertiser, or an issue intangible as those handled by spiritual leaders and program facilitators, seek out beforehand, opinions, and opposing views about the product/service/issue.

Be sure to find out details about the product/service/issue as to how it functions or implications of every standpoint in an issue. It is only this detailed understanding of the subject that places you above your audience to be able to grant answers to their every question, including the ones they are not able to ask.

You have satisfactorily understudied the subject

When you have satisfactorily understudied the subject of your presentation, you should as well endeavor to study the people to whom you will be speaking. This may require going the extra mile to study the various groups of people likely to be present at your presentation as well as their depth of understanding of the subject. Also, their depth of understanding of the language of communication is of importance, as this helps your diction for proper understanding.

You may as well, need to take a closer look at the place and time of your presentation. Though this may not be of the same relevance as the first two, is advisable because the place and time of an event contribute to a large extent, to the atmosphere of the event and ineffective communication.

The atmosphere is as important as the message itself as it colors the meaning of a message. This is why “good morning” at a time may be a greeting and at another time, a disturbance, as “yes” may mean yes at times but mean “no” at other times.

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