What Is The Special Role Of Elements Of The Body? Human Body Elements

Five elements play a unique role in our bodies. What is the most abundant element in the human body percentage of which part is highest? The whole of Ayurveda is based on the five factors. These five elements work the body with the help of another aspect. One element brings the other elements to the original form by balancing them with their actions. In these elements, the balance is called a physical organization.

What is the special role of elements of the body?
What is the special role of elements of the body?

What is the unique role of the five elements of the human body?

It means that our body is healthy as long as the essential element is balanced because these basic elements should remain equal in quantity. When there is any disturbance in the Five Elements of the body, any part is deficient, or there is a disturbance in the elements that nourish the other body when the Triti comes in one element. Due to that, the disease is generated.

In the same way, it is natural for any of the elements of the architectural elements of the building to be confused with other factors. Due to its effect, its effect starts negatively on the natives living in that building. Let us know which element impacts us and how we should prevent it.

The Five Elements Of The Body Are As Follows

1- Elements Of The Human Body Earth

If there is some deficiency in this element, then the body becomes a sound body. Because with this element, all the biological forces of the body also become inactive. Therefore, power is required to keep those elements active and active. This element dominates in fat, weight, fleshy, fat people. The body’s physical structure, the body of bone and flesh, is the complete form of the earth element.

A person with an earth element is dull, dull, and overweight. They stay away from conflict, and this element gets disturbed in our bodies. Then such people enjoy selfishness and selfishness, neutral features. In Vastushastra, the defects and remedies of Chham 68 Five elements of the body. In the southern direction. It is emphasized by Vastu to increase the load. Perhaps due to this reason, sleeping in. The south path is considered for health and well-being.

The five qualities of the land are considered words, touch, form, taste, and shape. Smell with size and weight, which is related to the olfactory power of the nasal, is a characteristic of the earth. Lord Ganesha is believed to be the Lord of the earth. Somewhere it has also been said that Lord Varaha or. Bhudevi is given the suzerainty of the planet. According to Ayurveda, to compensate for the energy-related to earth element in the body, take off bare feet shoes and walk on the grass or floor.

2- Elements Of The Human Body Water

This element is the center of the vesica glands, the reproductive organ of the male and female. Activation in the nerves, retaliatory fluid, consciousness of the sex glands, and savory produce bone and marrow from the flesh and provide health to the body. This element balances the life of the body and protects it. Its nature is cold, and at least 75 percent of our body is water.

Therefore, water plays a vital role in maintaining body temperature and blood activity. The water requirements of different animals and the amount of water in other bodies vary. Scholars have considered four qualities: touch, form, and rasa (taste) from water. Juice or flavor is related to our tongue. Rain, river, wind, lake, waterfall, and sea represent these waters.

Human Body Elements

Animals and plants also need water that if humans consider water as the mainstay of life, then how is it surprising? There is only a mixture of oxygen, hemoglobin, and water in our blood. Water and water waves are used to produce electrical energy. All the civilizations of the world have developed along the banks of rivers.

Brahma, the god of water, has been considered. In some Puranas, Indra and Varuna have also been called the God of Water. Should consume pure and clean water insufficient. Quantity to compensate for the loss of energy related to the water element in the body.

3- Elements Of The Human Body Air

The center of this element is the chest, lungs, heart, and respiratory glands. Air is the primary protector of the body and generates collective force. The main effect of the wind is on nature (mind). The reason, it is the main element. Air conducts each part of the body. Respiratory stool, bladder functions, and heart rate through the air. This voice speeds up bile and phlegm, indicating that we need oxygen.

Suppose there is a lack of oxygen in the human brain. Will destroy many cells, and the human will become impotent and disabled. Similarly, nitrogen has a significant role in vegetative growth, and the effect of nitrogen increases the production of fruit vegetables. By the Vastu and remedies of Chashm 69 Five elements of the body, the scholars have also considered the words and touch of the two qualities of air. Contact is also related to skin.

The truth is that sensitive nerves and human consciousness are also connected to the breathing process, whose base is air. Scholars have considered Lord Vishnu (Palanakratta) the presiding deity of Vayu. To compensate for the loss of energy related to the air element in the body, one should roam among the plants and take deep breaths.

4- Elements Of The Human Body Sky

The sky element nourishes the body, and he removes the poison from the body and cures it. The thyroid nourishes the mind by controlling tonsils, letters, etc. This element creates love sentimentality, and this element is found more in females.

Due to disturbances in the sky element, heart attack, paralysis, fainting, etc., become diseases. The ether element controls the pituitary gland and the pineal gland. The pituitary gland controls vision, hearing, and memory, and the pineal gland controls consciousness and emotionality.

The amber of the sky is infinite and infinite as the mercy of the Lord. Quantity is not only on the earth, but all the planets are located in the constellation or the entire cosmic sky, then there is no lack of space in the Puranas, words, or letters. And nad has been considered as Brahman forms.

Of course, gravity, light, heat, magnetic field. Movements in the sky transform impact waves. This change also affects life. Should never forget the importance of atmosphere and holiday spaces. Scholars have considered Bholeshankar (Shivji), the god of the sky. Look at the stars in the sky for the growth of the sky element in the body.

5- Elements Of The Human Body Agni

The fire that burns continuously on the Sun illuminates all the planets. Life on earth creates favorable conditions for nutrition. Along with the word/touch, the form is also considered a quality of fire. Roop Darshan is related to the eyes. In other words, the primary source of energy is the fire element. Solar energy, molecular power, the basis of heat energy is fire. Energy is needed by humans, animals, and the vegetation world. Will lose life due to a lack of heat and light.

Surya De and or Agni is considered to be its deity. The center of this element is the stomach, spleen, and liver, and Agniras produce digestive juices and bile juices. The element of fire maintains the body’s temperature, keeps all organs active, and helps build fat, flesh, and blood. This element provides heat to the water and controls the vision through the defects and measures of the 70th Five Elements. Provides digestion and beauty to the face.

Junk, anemia, indigestion, fainting, weakness of the eyes, and diseases of the eyes and acidity (gas) diseases occur due to deficiency in this element. Panchabhuto- The influence of earth, water, air, sky, and fire affects the lifestyle of human society. Why human beings? These elements affect all living beings. Animals and birds also get life from water, air, and light.

Post conclusion

These five elements also impact our work, destiny, destiny, and conduct. If water gives happiness and satisfaction, the heat of the relationship increases happiness; then air puffs into the body like air. When the sky awakens ambition, the earth teaches lessons of tolerance and reality. As the fire intensity increases in the body, the amount of water should be increased and balanced. Similarly, it is best to improve the air element in case of wind defects.