What Religion is the root of all evil

What is the root cause of evil? Religion is the root of all evil
What is the root cause of evil? Religion is the root of all evil

What is the root cause of evil? Religion is the root of all evil

What Religion is the root of all evil, Religion is the root of all evil, the root of all evil quotes, organized religion is the root of all evil. Religion is the root of all evil. Who said that religion is the root of all evil? You can be religious, people should not be oppressive. What is the root cause of evil? Which religion does God belong to? Did religion introduce the idea of ​​good versus evil in religion?

Is religion the root of all evil

Everything that has happened in the whole world has happened, all wars have been fought with religions because all religions have ever happened, killed because every family has got torn due to religions. Because of religions, how many times have we heard that I swear these days, every humanist shows every bill, every atheist, every bill in his television.

Avoiding this kind of thing in such a way that everything gets spoiled somehow, it has ever happened because I don’t know that we believe anything of course. It’s not really funny when you look down. Surface but they continue to call it regardless of the fact that most of the major wars in the 20th century were very non-religious.

Hitler was not religious yes he was raised. I am not sure what kind of an argument that I have no idea how many humanists and atheists etc. have ever met who were raised Catholic defenders or pagans, they were raised too Catholic. Often the way we act is actually more than a reaction to how we were raised.

What is the root cause of evil?

I do not know from religion how people try to argue. Stalin’s rule was certainly not religious. I do not know how many millions there are. Those were killed in China over the years and I certainly would not, those battles are called religious people because they want to kill people. Some they kill people because they want to land.

Because they kill people because they are upset with someone. Which they kill people with fear. Which they kill people because I don’t know if they want a woman, they want a man whatever they want. The other person has the idea that it comes because of religion. Almost hurts me.

You see that religion is a great excuse and this is when we had a crusade. So because of the crusade, they were considered God they were. Because the Christians were taking out the Muslims. Now when they met there they came to know that they are Jews and Christians and Muslims were really very well together.

Organized religion is the root of all evil

Until these other Christians came, it is fine and they were murdered, everyone and it was completely absurd what is the truth of the matter? The Pope simply uses it as an excuse. So that a big bunch of land can be obtained, a big bunch of money, that’s the only reason. Which we need to do sometime.

Yes of course religion has been used. But all kinds of ideologies are used. It is interesting with people on the pretext of including philosophical ideologies. Like Bill Maher, I would say yes.

But people believe they have anything. In order to become another religion, I heard him say that Hitler did well about both Stalin and both, but he created these ideologies. You do not believe that in one ideology, we believe philosophical ideologies even in all ideologies.

Religion is the root of all evil

Anytime we believe that what we believe is true and someone else believes it is not true that one becomes ideology and it can certainly become a dangerous one. An ideology can be a dangerous ideology over several hundred years of imagination.

From now on, if somehow speaking on nism has become a major religion or a major system, beliefs because I still hate to call it a religion. But imagine enough. People believed this and started believing that there is only one way to believe. Believe in doing everything well,

Before we are saying that it won’t be long, well everyone who believes only in this is wrong and maybe we can go, handle this country because those people believe one thing Huh. Not everything, even though I am discontented, is a completely peaceful prior belief.

Did religion introduce the idea of ​​good versus evil in religion?

We all understand this. Everyone is right in one aspect or the other that there can be a lot of belief systems. Used to impress someone. I think we are seeing what is happening now. Called political correctness because I am certainly not against many.

There is a great deal of political correctness in aspects of political correctness. Actually only other people are understanding, but we are particularly reliant on it. The tendency to decide to the left of the things that we have a generous side of, that we decide the way we use things is the only way to do it.

Then we get upset with other people and – and it’s hard to know where to draw the line and I’m not saying in any way I know where I want to draw the line from, I also want to write some kind of Can not try. There is a set of laws that somehow if we follow it. So we can understand.

People should not be oppressive

Should not be oppressive for the people and yet for other people in any way. Because they see the growing pain of society. To feel that we must understand groups of people. Without torturing people and it is hard not to be hard. In fact, it almost always occurs to the oppressed to become a tyrant.

In fact, my biggest fear is the nightmare that was one day would actually be used to torture people and maybe one day it will happen and I just hope. Say more like this, maybe we should stop. Gone too far is probably not him. Where we were going to go was because the only thing is that ultimately we cannot meet in this kind of philosophy.

Such a belief system is a peace that everyone is finding that it is a constant reality that our entire society lives on in all of us. Society makes India the whole human race. Which is at some point we cannot break until that circle is broken.

Religion still preaches violence intolerance and hatred,

Since religion as a whole still preaches violence, intolerance, and hatred, it seems that we should do religion? “You can’t destroy a belief. If you can, everyone on the planet will accept the fact that climate change is real and that humans are making it worse and we have to do something about it immediately.

Of course, to do this, you have to end the belief that climate change is a hoax. You cannot destroy a belief. I mean, we have tried that with education. However, we clearly have a separation of church and state. The government cannot promote any specific religion.

Having said that it is not necessarily a religious problem, it is an education problem. Religion, as a whole, is evil. Don’t be religious yourself. If you choose to believe in God, or any other religion, that’s fine. There is nothing wrong with that. Know your beliefs.

But if you choose instead to use those beliefs to justify any kind of violence or hatred, or there is a big problem, then you are the problem. If you want to favor that religion more than the evidence in your eyes and ears, the evidence coming from the scientific community, then this is a problem.

But you can be religious

But you can be religious and still say that climate change is real and humans are making it worse. You can be a Christian and still believe in evolution. There are many people there. This is when you blur the lines when you say no, science cannot be real at all.

Religion has to be made real. Like, here is a mountain of evidence, but here I have a little personal belief and this thing is stronger than all this. That is the issue. You know, I know that I believe in science. I know what science is, it tells us. As for the other stuff, I don’t know what I believe.

I mean, if we can find ancient civilizations that are thousands of years old, then why can’t we find something like this? It is always good to question things and you can maintain your confidence and still question things, but this is when.

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