when you do things from your soul-quotes

How you feel when you talk to your soul. What is the soul of a human being? What is your ability of our soul, heart? A body without a person , what is the feeling when you talk to yourself, with the soul. How is communication in the body? Those who share things with you in this post, so let’s begin.

when you do things from your soul-quotes
when you do things from your soul-quotes

when you do things from your soul

Yas, When you talk to your soul, see friends, this life is not a destination. When, at what time, the game of nature or the charisma of nature should be played with us, because the system in this world is such that whatever is seen here is the end of everything one day. We will also have time, we will also leave here. There is no idea when he will leave.

That is why we live in this body and the conscious soul is sitting inside us. It is very important to get acquainted with that soul. Because a person is born and understands this body as everything. But there is something inside the body as well. For which we do the actions of the world. Let’s walk, walk, talk to people, see, they do it with the body. But what is such power inside the body? What we need to know.

Friends, that power is hidden inside the body, that is the soul, the person is assuming that our body runs. As long as there is a cause in our body. Till then we have lived in our body. When you talk to your soul. So what is the filling inside, what is the communication, is there some amazing difference in your body. You can read all the information on our “All India World”, but all this can be possible with the infinite kindness of the great man.

A real man’s soul

Now we talk about the soul of a real man, real friends fake it does not matter. But only then can we recognize the heart of a real man. When we know that secret because only God can know the secret of the substance and other than that the great man appointed by God,

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Like Kabir Saheb, Lord Jesus Christ, Ravidas Ji, and the supreme saint Baba Jayagurudev Ji, such great men spoke to the being and knew the spirit of the soul. Tell people its truth. Connecting people on a true path, he can talk to the person. In which there is a piece of spiritual knowledge, take the path from a great man, the way through which great men talk to the soul.

How to talk to a soul

Friends, I have already provided some information about it on this website. But I still want to tell you how to talk to the soul? Friends, if we ask ourselves some questions in a secluded place in a secluded place, why should it not happen, what should happen, what happened as a result. Let’s make some calculus in your mind.

So this thing happens with the mind because we do some questions regarding our mind and soul. They try their best to know their result. It happens in our brains. The calculus of our brain, when the situation gets worse, then in itself we make a calculation that yes is good, it is wrong, why it happened, what will be the result.

What will think ahead, what will think behind, there are countless kinds of things that we do in our mind. Sitting in a quiet quiet place but talking to the soul is a different way.

We need to talk to our soul

We talk about how to talk to the soul, friends, if we want to talk to our heart, then for that we will need a great man. Because until we get someone to tell us how, by what method, we can talk to our life. We can see, we can know, till then we will not know,

Just like great men like Rishi Muni, Kabir Sahab, Ravidas Ji, Surdas JI, Tulsidas Ji, and Nanak Ji and Lord Jesus Christ, there were many other great men who came to this earth chosen by God.

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People have been saved, they have been told how to talk to the shadow. Everyone has told their different ways. I am also a great man who would like to share with you some of the ways in which His Holiness Baba Jayagurudev Ji has spoken.

How does it feel to talk to the soul?

Friends, the sage Muni tells us that when we see yoga with our duty when we see our heart. Let’s see him. Let’s talk to him. So there is a very blissful feeling in our body. We understand in ourselves that apart from this world, there is some communication in the body inside us.

There is some power, some light divinity comes inside our body. Because bliss like a river flows in our body. On talking to the mind, the great man says that you can talk to the person. You can see and know the true nature of the soul.

What is the true nature of the soul? If you want to know this, then any great man who has seen the divine God with his divine vision is talked to the heart by those great men. The experience of seeing the culture and feeling inside the body. You can know it well.

Post conclusion

Friends, you have known this post when you talk to your soul. So a wonderful and river flow like situation arises in the body. When is it possible when a fully knowledgeable experienced person talks to a person? So we can see and talk to our hearts with ease. If you like the post, do as much as possible on the social network, thank you

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