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Welcome; Who is getting the best head analysis. How who gets the best head? Can you give the best lead? Him crazy by giving a guy the best head possible. I will show you ways of providing getting the best leader. That’s just a few ways to go down on a guy and the best head. Ways to Give a getting the best lead.

whos getting the best head
whos getting the best head

How whos gets the best head

This article is about women who are either worried about giving oral or want to drive a guy wild in the sack. Men love fellatio and love a woman. Who can provide a getting the best head?

If you learn to give your man regular sessions of mind-boggling fellatio, you can be confident that he will be a one-woman man if you know how to provide the best head to a guy then. You are in an influential position in terms of your relationship, and you will be holding all aces because fellatio is something a guy will do anything.

Here is how to go down on a guy. and drive him crazy by giving a guy the best head possible. That’s just a few ways to go down on a guy who was getting the best leader.

I will show you ways of giving a who getting the best head.

Men love foreplay just as women do, so tease him by kissing him down his chest and stomach. You should “threaten” to give him fellatio all the time but never quite go through with it; this will have him begging you to suck him. Build his anticipation to a high level, then take him in your mouth.

Always stay in control of the situation when you go down on a guy, or he will try to take advantage by pushing too far in your mouth and making you gag. It is best to place one hand around his penis so that if he does get carried away, you can squeeze it and pull it back to a more comfortable depth. Or say, “do that again, and I stop.”

If you want to get the best head, let him ejaculate in your mouth. This one sexual act is what men would go as far as cheating on you to receive; they hunger for it that much. The taste is not that bad as long as he has not eaten vigorously flavored foods and has drunk lots of water and juices.

Ways to Getting The Best Head Analysis

He is keeping things fresh by using different fellatio positions. Instead of the usual oral work of lying on his back and you sucking him, try other ways to keep fellatio interesting. The one guy I like best is where he stands up while you kneel to suck him. The pleasure that this gives him works on two levels; first, it gives him the impression of power over you, and second the sight of you on the floor is a significant turn-on.

This tip on how to the best head to a guy is where most women go “yuk” no chance. However, if you swallow his sperm (it’s not that bad), he will be at your mercy forever; he will see you as a goddess and do whatever it takes for more.

The secret to swallowing is to keep him off the coffee, which makes it taste bitter, and drink water and juices for a couple of days before fellatio. Then when you are sucking him and he is about to ejaculate, take him deep so that the sperm misses your taste buds.

Post conclusion

Those tips will be Getting The Best Head Analysis, but the second will blow his mind. That’s how fickle men are; just a simple swallow, and he will love you, dote on you and never cheat on you. So even if it isn’t your thing, remember who is getting the best head in the long run, and it’s you who gets the most out of it.

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