Why is Religion background sensitive to be made?

Why is Religion background sensitive to be made?
Why is Religion background sensitive to be made?

Why is Religion background sensitive to be made? Religion background.

Religion background can be a very sensitive object of a conversation, a discussion, and a debate. For this reason, many people tend to avoid this subject when they are among a group of people of varied religious backgrounds in order not to create an inharmonious atmosphere.

Why is Religion background sensitive to be made.

Why is religion sensitive to be made as a topic of debate? Because most people who embrace a religion attach an absolute truth to their own religion, which implies that other religions are not true or only partly true, inferior to their own system of belief.

This way of viewing other people’s Religion background may not be dangerous to followers of other religions if it is not implemented in the form of denying or even abolishing the existence of other people’s beliefs.

This wide world has been created by God for all God’s creations or creatures, regardless of their religion and whether or not they acknowledge God’s existence, because God is the Greatest and the Most Merciful. Therefore the idea that “if you don’t belong to my religion background you are not allowed to live in my area of residence” is wrong.ng.

A country where people of different religious backgrounds live.

In a country where people of different religious backgrounds live, people should possess the right way of viewing, considering, and interacting with other people of different religious backgrounds in order to create and maintain social harmony. Basically, God has given mankind a religion to regulate them so that they can live based on God’s rules.

God gives all the creatures an equal right to live and to sustain their lives in this world or in this universe. So, killing God’s creatures for unclear reason is not allowed and even condemned by God. That is the reason why all major religions include the prohibition of murder as one of their teachings or rules.

In Islam, it is stated that defending life

In Islam, it is stated that defending or protecting the life of one person is equal to defending or protecting the lives of all mankind. “O, men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes so that you might come to know one another. In fact, in the eyes of God, your noble is the one who is most aware of him.

Behold, God is all-knowing, all aware.” (Al Qur’an, Al-Hujurat 49:13). This verse of Al Qur’an, clearly states the position of an individual in relation to other people, the purpose of the creation of various nations and tribes, and the kind of man that God (Allah) considers the noblest among all people.

If a Muslim can internalize the message of this verse of Al Qur’an he will be a perfect man that is able to interact with other people of all religions, races, and nations without any obstacle. Of course, most Muslims on this globe implement this verse very well.

On being ridiculed and mocked, the Prophet Muhammad.

On being ridiculed and mocked. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) gave a very good example not to be overreacted. The way the Prophet avenged the person who mocked at him was by doing good deeds for him or her.

God (Allah) through the holy book of Al Qur’an also prohibits Muslims to mock or ridicule people of different Religion background by God’s revelation in this verse: “Do not revile those they call on beside God (Allah), so they, in their hostility, revile God (Allah), without knowledge” [6:108].

This verse prohibits Muslims from reviling. Insulting, or cursing the idols because by doing. So Muslims will indirectly cause their God (Allah) to be reviled, insulted, or cursed.

And to the people who love to mock a religious symbol. Of a Religion background, you had better beware of. The fact that all major religions of the world have over a hundred million followers.

Post conclusion

Who can guarantee that all of these people stick? To the rule with regards to being patient when their Religion background is mocked or ridiculed. There is no guarantee that all of them can tolerate your mockery. So, for your own good and safety. It is better and a lot safer for you to choose other topics. To be mocked at or ridiculed in your writing.

According to my experience and knowledge, Religion background in this article is related to background. Information, my aim is not to make fun of any religious caste. Or religion, to respect everyone, and to register the best of all, that is my objective. Do share this post with your friends.

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