Why is the story called God sees the truth but waits?

God sees the truth but waits

Why is the story called God sees the truth but waits? Why is the exam

God sees the truth but waits, why are we tempted, why is it said that God sees the truth? But God waits for everyone. Waits what is going to happen to us. How patient we are, we wait. God sees everything with a belief. Who can live up to the truth? Today, let’s start sharing these things with you in this article.

God sees the truth but waits

God sees the truth but waits as if you know God is the truth, it is contained in that truth. Because truth and lies are the qualities of the color of the world. That we pass along to everyone. But sometimes there is a situation that we use a thousand lies to hide the truth. But God always waits for the truth. Because he watches desperately.

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He waits for how long we will use lies. But the truth will one day be a victory. That is why it is said that God sees the truth and waits. Till when the truth is conquered. Truth is always true. Now let’s talk.

Why is it said that God sees the truth but waits.

Why is it said that God sees the truth? But waits. If seen, there are many such proofs in our lives. It is said with a belief and faith that God sees all. But waits, we can only bring positive results. While we wait. Will wait, the truth is like that.

Truth takes time but in the end it wins. We as a blessing, as a prayer, when we read a truth. We win on the basis of average. At that time, we say to God the Supreme God, God God, that God is truth, God sees the truth.

There is a saying that the house of God is late and not blind, God patiently tests our lives. If we pass through the truth, God waits for us that, at what time will A walk this path. How much time it will take to walk on this path, what are the problems with it? Maybe the distance of problems is even greater with you, but God sees for us.

What is the conflict of God sees the truth but waits?

How long does a person hold on to a word, when a person is holding this path, it goes on continuously? Then we greet God, he says that the house of God is late, not blind, God sees the truth, and also waits for how long we can last.

Now we talk about God sees duality and waits. Yes, in our misdeed life, positive negative lies are true. In this demented life, God sees the duality of our life, how distracted. How mature it is. How strong it is, falls, or moves. Duality goes on with our lives with many such ill-fated lives.

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But still waits what and how long it lasts depending on the truth. It goes on with our lives. If we really want to succeed in life. If you want to know the secret of life (essence), passing it along with the truth will be considered as a symbol of victory for us at the last moment.

God see the truth but waits for summary

Friends, truth is always greater. Because there is no problem for anyone in our life, protection of life, justice and prudence, and truth, nothing can be more austere than this. Because in Indian religious texts it is said that there is no penance equal to truth and there is no sin equal to falsehood.

If we do any penance, go to any number of temples, go to mosques, go to church houses, no matter how much we convince God, how much we pray to God. But if we use lies, God sees us all. Then justice is done and then for us, it gives benefit from the book.

Because we are using lies. To trap someone, to trouble a person, to hurt someone, we are using lies, our God will never forgive. Because he is watching us. This is why God sees the truth in our eyes. But waits for how long humans will continue on this game.

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Post conclusion

Friends, you learned about the truth in this article that God sees everyone, he waits. When do we see its result? Waits Hope you will find this article helpful in motivating your life.

The right path which is called Vijai Rupa. Let us all move forward to follow him, follow our century in life, our God sees and the fruit of that God sees the truth but waits. Thanks, you must share this article with your friends.

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