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Worldome, formerly known as Worldometers, is a website that provides counters and real-time statistics. The company is owned by data firm Dadax and earns revenue from online advertising. Despite the site’s popularity, it’s not a safe bet for the safety of your personal information. It’s recommended to check out its reviews and see whether it’s reliable. If you’re looking for a counter for your website, you may consider other options.

Worldome Web Info
Worldome Web Info

The worldometer team is anonymous.

The Worldometer team is anonymous and has no edit history, talk page, or audit log. Their content is regularly updated with bullet-pointed country-by-country statistics. Some updates link to the source, but there are many problems with the site’s data collection and accuracy. Also, the site has been hacked, resulting in the publication of inaccurate information. In March, for example, the website claimed that 892,045 people died of the coronavirus in the Vatican City when there were only 568,000 cases in a nation of 800. Further, Worldometer has no mention of the number of deaths of children in the United States.

A recent survey conducted by the Worldometer found that the website has been visited over 1.7 billion times, and media and government sources widely cite the data from it. Peter Hitchens has tweeted that he checks the Worldometer every day, and it’s one of the top results for searches related to coronavirus. In addition, the pages of the Worldometer site have been shared over 2.5 million times in the last six months. The website is supported by BuzzSumo, a social media analytics platform.

Gained great popularity amid the pandemic

In February, the Worldometer website gained much popularity in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a few days after the cyberattack, the website was subject to a DDoS attack, which led to the website’s hacking. As a result, the site showed a large rise in the number of cases of COVID-19 in Vatican City, causing panic among social media users. It also claimed that the Spanish population was experiencing more COVID-19 infections than the rest of Europe. The New York Times and Financial Times have cited these statistics.

A Worldometer is a live statistics and counter site run by a volunteer team of researchers and developers. It is owned by an independent company called Dadax, with no political or corporate affiliations. The Worldometer’s algorithms were developed to display the data in the most informative way. In addition, the Worldometer is popular on Reddit, where its homepage is featured, and its popularity was a key factor for the site’s success.

Worldometer also provides a live count of the world population.

In addition to displaying statistics, the Worldometer also provides a live count of the world’s population. For example, a Worldometer may display the death toll of a particular country or the number of active cases in certain regions. Unlike many other sites, the website is not owned by any government entity but rather by an American-based company. The company’s president is Dario Pasqualino. The site is a great way to see how many people are affected by a disease or epidemic.

Unlike other websites, the Worldometer website is based in the United States. Its data come from the World Health Organization, and this report uses data from the International Agency for Vaccines (IOM). The website’s data is not publicly available, but it is still an important source of information for health-related issues. Its mission is to give consumers the most relevant information about the world’s health. The company aims to generate revenue by selling the Worldome products.

Another good source of data is the Worldometer

It has a partnership with Johns Hopkins University. The university has never published any data internationally regarding the incidence of Covid-19. But it lists Worldometer as one of its sources for its coronavirus dashboard. Although Worldometer has problems with data, it is an important tool for public health. It has the most current information on diseases and their prevention. It also features information on the most recent outbreaks. Its mission is to track global trends in infectious disease.

Another good source of data is the Worldometer. The website uses data from the Covid-19 database to track the spread of the disease. There are also several other sources of data. OWID tracks the results of PCR tests, and Spain ranked sixth by May 17 compared to Worldometer. The two organizations are hardly comparable in detecting and treating the disease. The Worldometer is a useful tool for people interested in global health issues.

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