You Want to be Born To Die World Is A?

born to die world is a

You Want to be Born to Die World Is A? What is the truth?

Hello and welcome to All India World, You Want to be Born to Die World Is A? What is the truth? Should you be born to die in the world? If taken, where to take? What is life if we want to die one day, then why are we born to die and we all die to live then what is it? Where is the best birth to die in the world? You want to die in the world or you want to live. There are many things that we are going to share with you in this post, so friends, let’s start reading the post completely.

born to die world is a

The world born to die is a real fact that we are all human beings and other beings. One day they are born to die. Because we have to go from here, this world is fleeting. The great men have said that “water is hidden by the mind of manus, it is hidden like the stars,” or man is like a water bubble.

As the water drains in the rain and a drop of cloud falls on the water on the ground and a bubble is produced. He ends on seeing. In the same way, we all have the speed to see that our life has to be spent and we have to die one day. This world is like this, it is the charisma of nature.

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what is a living sacrifice

Because nature has not made anyone immortal. Whatever nature is here, all of this is for a time in the universe and it will have to end someday. This world born to die is an origin. One such is the law of creation.

born to die world is a fuck

Now we talk the world born to die is nonsense. Just the real truth that our life is nonsense. In life, it is not known how many good deeds are done in the unknown. They spoil someone’s wealth while doing something bad. We cheat someone, harm someone, do countless such things that torment each other.

But for how long it should really know this truth. How long will we live? It is not known for 100 years 120 or 150 years that we die before 100 years. Therefore, one should not sin with anyone. Because life is a rented house. This means that the oxygen inside us is the breath we breathe, that is for a limited time.

As soon as our time is over, we will leave this world and leave and we will not even know what actions we have done by coming to this world. We will forget everything, only true love, true love, when we do good to someone, people remember us for a long time. The world born just for you to die is nonsense. We must live with truth and with love.

Do You Need A Born To Die World Is A?

Should you be born to die in the world? We know what the real truth is. We are living here, we are living now, we are currently living, we do not know when our time is up, we leave this world and leave. It is a very painful thing to die in the world, not to be born. Because no one wants to die. Everybody knows how to live

All are struggling to live life. We are making money in life. We are adding a lot of stuff. For what to live a life, but really the truth is that how much we become resourceful. But still, we have to break this life. So should we be born to die in the world? No, we should not be born to die in the world.

How can this get rid of? When you can achieve the divine while you are alive, you can worship God, the great man says that the world is bigger and more wonderful than that of that Supreme God. Where we came from Where our soul has come from. You never have to be born there, or you have to die sometime. Every living being there is immortal.

Our soul never dies

By the way, our souls are immortal because our souls never die. Our body deteriorates and we abandon this body. Just like we wear cloth and when our cloth becomes old, worn, distorted, then we change that cloth.

In the same way, as long as our body is safe. Life is life in our body. As our body deteriorates. Is distorted. Well, we sacrifice our body and make us live and take on a new body. Therefore, everyone takes birth here, but no one wants to die.

If we want to get rid of all of these, then we should please a great man on his way, on which path we can walk and be free from this death. There are many great men who have known the story of birth and death well and they show the right path to be liberated. If we walk on the path of truth, sattvik of great men, we will never have to take birth nor will we ever have to die. We can be free from the pain of this birth and death.

Where Is The Best Born To Die World Is A?

Where is the best birth to die in the world? Friends, where is the best birth? Everyone will have this idea in their mind. But the real truth is that when will our birth be considered where we do good to someone. Create someone’s spoiled work. Walk in the path of truth.

Have pity on others. help others. It is considered best to live such a life. This is how our birth is successful. Because even if we die, people bless us. People remember us and take ideas into their lives. The best birth to die in the world is seen in our actions,

Because the earth is all the same. Only we have to do our good deeds. One has to talk to the positive, one has to do positive work and think to see the good of others. So that our life is useful to someone else, our life should be useful to others, this is considered the biggest birth of our life.

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Is there any purpose in life, or are we just born?

Is there any purpose in life or are we just born? It is very important for all of us to know this real truth. In life, you have one of our objectives, attached to one body, connected to a household, or to a job. But until we do not know our true purpose, then we will not be considered meaningful.

Because the great men tell why this human body has been given. This human body has been given for good work. It is given to worship, worship. worship that Supreme Father God. But we have forgotten everything by coming to this world. We have forgotten the God who created us. Whose hand is the remote of our birth and death?

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We have forgotten that great man who runs such a remote. We should understand only one purpose in life. That is the prayer of God the Father, that God should be worshiped. So that it makes our system perfect through a remote. We worship God no matter what happens to us. The blessings of God shower upon us and we thank that God again and again. Because God has mercy on us.

Post conclusion is a world born to die

Friends, in this post, born to die world is this world is to know this topic. some important things related to the purpose of life are known in this article. You must have liked the article. Share more and more with your friends through social networks. Thank you.

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