What the fuck am i doing with my life? Fuck my life

Fuck my life. What the fuck am i doing with my life? Best crap of my life. I hate my fucking life. I messed up my life. What the fuck do I do with my life. What do I do next every fucking day of my life? Friends, this is a chapter related to my life. Please read it and guide me; I am in a state of zero right now; let you know about us.

Balbodi Ramtoriya
Balbodi Ramtoriya

fuck my life

Everyone loves his life. Do you not know when this human body will be found? Or will you get it or not? When a person leaves the body, nothing goes with him. Neither does the goods go here; everything goes from house to house and land, and everything remains here. Man only comes alone and goes alone.

Now I think to myself, what is the meaning of coming into such a life? Fuck my life; don’t live like this. I don’t know when this life will hit its brakes, when my life will have an accident, and when I will leave here.

I will not know where I have gone, my fellow family and relatives will all keep looking for me, and I will leave. That’s why I don’t give much importance to my life. Such fuck my life; what do you get? Nothing is just a breath of a few days, which lasts from the beginning to the end of life. Life will end, and we will all leave. So don’t love this life so much that you get lost in yourself and search for the real thing that can become your life’s true purpose.

I fucking hate my life.

Why am I writing this thing? There is some such truth of my life, which I am placing in front of you. I hate myself because the work I thought had not happened yet. For example, I used to believe I would earn all the happiness by coming into this life. But I am not getting it.

I work day and night. I sleep less at night and focus more and more on my work. But still, there is no success. What is happening to me in the end? In itself, I feel like I fucking hate my life.

Because I cannot reach my goal, as I try to get it automatically, my intellect, heart, mind, and everything go in the opposite direction, and I deviate from my goal.

I consider weakness in myself, or I can call my opposite intellect. This fucking life is useless, and I don’t know the secret behind it? Have I written a problem? Other happiness is not in my arms, and all such things disturb our life. To which I start telling myself that I fucking hate my life. Because I haven’t found a natural state of happiness in my life

best fuck of my life

I have realized that my life is rubbish. I am straying from my life because I am weak. My economy is not good. I am facing financial difficulties in my family. I work hard day and night but still have no success; why does my brain or intellect not work in the end? So I convince myself that this human body is the best crap of my life.

Because it does not give me any benefit, and in today’s situation, I am going to a negative state, when will I be able to do positive? I work day and night for that. I try; in the end, I can be successful if you have all the blessings.

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Because these heart expressions rising from my body bother me, and fuck my life, I often remember such things. The thing is, the best shit in my life is that I don’t reach that level. I try to run after success to the level I should get, but victory goes far away from me. Now I’m tired; I’m sitting down, and I’m desperately frustrated with my life. So I can’t stop myself from saying, Best crap of my life.

I fucked up my life

I will tell in authenticity because I did not even think I would be in such a fallen position. I thought I would go ahead and earn some money. I’ll make progress. I will take care of all the expenses of my family. I will fix everything.

But I have gone to such a field or chosen the wrong career because I have messed up my life. And I am not in good condition; I am repeating this thing to friends because this is the absolute truth of my life. My financial situation is not good. I am facing problems.

I have to repay someone’s debt and give someone money, my life has become rubbish, and I am panicking with my life. And I am fighting, but I will keep fighting with no one but myself; I will try my best to handle my life. To progress further,

All this is possible if you all help me. I messed up my life. Now I need to repair and handle this life; I am trying my best this life is bullshit fuck my life which I have continued to try to improve my life.

What the Fuck Am I Doing With My Life?

If you want to live a fulfilling life, stop asking yourself, “what the fuck am I doing with my life?” Instead, ask yourself, “what is my purpose in life?” It’s much more manageable. Life is about making good and bad choices that have consequences. It’s entirely up to you to determine those consequences. Life is not a cosmic mission.

“Fuck My Life” Review

“Fuck My Life” is a short film that echoes the title of a full-length performance piece. It follows a sordid showgirl as she sluggishly wakes up to a new day. But will she be able to make amends for her actions? The film premiered at the 2011 South by Southwest Film Festival.


Friends read essential and interesting information about myself through the abovementioned content. I sometimes have a feeling that fuck my life; I don’t have to do this anymore. My life has become a crapshoot, but I will try my best to handle it. Thank you so much for reading the article, have an excellent time.

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