What does the Soul look like when it leaves the body?

Hi, What does the Soul look like when it leaves the body? Where is the Soul in the body, and how does it look? What is the real nature of the Soul? How does the Soul leave the body? Sayings of great men and experienced men. According to them, we will share this post with you. You read our post completely to get accurate knowledge about the Soul, so let’s start.

What does a soul look like?
What does a soul look like?

What does the Soul look like?

The Soul resides in the body of all of us. Our mind, body, intelligence, eyes, and senses all work. Since spirits believe that our body is in motion, the Soul is different; the Soul is another thing. So today, we are going to talk about the Soul. What does that Soul look like? What is the fundamental nature of the Soul?

We cannot see the Soul with the physical eyes but with the eyes of the body. Let’s look at the world’s environment as this body’s eye sees our world. We see strange things in the world. But to know the Soul, we have to awaken the Soul within us. Only then can we know the Soul.

We are seeing the Soul from some experienced soul-watching great man according to which if we have walked that path even a little bit and yes, it is experienced for us. So we can see the Soul by taking guidance from such great men and meditating on them. We need the practice to know the Soul.

Without physical exercises, we will not see the Soul with our conscience. Till then, we will not be able to know any soul. Because to see the Soul, one has to do challenging meditation, which we call yoga practice.

What is yoga practice?

Yoga practice is to connect the Soul with the Supreme Soul. Because when we come to know the true nature of the Soul. Only then can we see and see God. A perfect man is required to awaken the Soul. We can awaken our Souls only through that great saint. We need to practice seeing the Soul. Whatever practice we can do with this body. Because we can see the Soul only through the course of this body.

Experienced yogis say that the Soul is very divine. What does the Soul look like? So the Soul appears to be very religious. Whose Akhand Jyoti is it? Because this is how our Soul gets separated. In that light, Maya, the Supreme Lord, we are separated from the Lord’s body in the morning. Because it is a part of our body. We are the Rome of God.

The three eyes in the body

Shine a lot of light on the hair of the Lord. It is a form of light. Our Soul is very light and burns like a divine flame. Yogis and meditators have seen themselves with their own eyes. I didn’t see them with fierce eyes like the human body. He has seen it with discretion because the yogis say that our body has three eyes. ′′ There are three eyes ′′ All three eyes have their different work.

It has two eyes on its body. Who sees the world? One eye is our Soul. who sees himself. We see everything with our hands, body, and eyes.

Similarly, with the divine eye of the Soul, we see that luminous living soul. He can see. The Soul is a very religious form of light.

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Where is the Soul in the body

Now let us talk about where the souls are sitting in the body. So as you know. I have repeated this in previous articles as well. That Yogi great man Satpurush “Param Sant Baba Jaygurudev Ji Maharaj Mathura” made his disciples see the Soul through yoga practice. He has revealed the core of that sadhana where the Soul resides in the body.

The Soul is sitting in the body between the two eyes. Which is a very divine form, and when we do sadhana with a concentrated mind, we get the complete experience. Where is the Soul sitting in our body? We can see the vision of the body, Soul in him. So in this way, yogis say that the Soul is seated in the body between the two eyes.

She is doing our body through the almighty, sexual forces, progress, and progressivism, helping us experience the body’s truth. So the Soul is sitting in the body between the two eyes.

The Soul lives in this body in a different, divine form because nothing works there. The Soul is not even a body. The Soul is a gift of a divine being. God has given because God is the form of light.

How does the Soul leave the body?

How do souls leave the body? Because we cannot know this. He would have told his account after his death if he had known. How exactly does the Soul leave the body? Only a yogi sage who saw the Soul saw the form of the Soul,

he has clarified how does the Soul leave the body? Which he has seen with his divine eyes. Only by the mercy and grace of God can we see all this. can hear

Yogi men say that when souls leave the body. So good yoga is created for good people. One who experiences negative things in his life does terrible to others and does not do good deeds, for such people experiences such intense pain and cause many physical, mental, and all kinds of sufferings.


Share with you what the Soul looks like when it leaves the body. What about the Soul? What is the actual state of the Soul? I hope you guys like our post. Share this information with your friends as much as possible. Thanks.

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