What Does A Soul Look Like? Where Is The Soul In The Body?

Hello, What does a soul look like and a soul? What does a soul look like? And where is the soul in the body? Where is the soul sitting? What is a soul made of? What is the true nature of the soul? How does the soul leave the body? Statements made by the great men and those who are experienced men. According to them, we will share with you in this post. You read our post completely to have real knowledge about the soul, then let’s begin. Like you know.

What does a soul look like?
What does a soul look like?

What does a soul look like?

Friends, What does a soul look like? Yes, you must have known that we all have a soul sitting in our bodies. Our mind, body, intelligence, eyes, and senses all work. Because souls believe our body is moving, Prana is different; the soul is another thing. So we are going to talk about the soul today. What does that soul look like? What is the true nature of the soul?

Yas Friends, What does a soul look like? We cannot see the soul with the actual eyes but with the eyes of the body. Because this body’s eye sees our world, let’s look at the world’s atmosphere. We see strange objects in the world. But to know the soul, we have to awaken our inner soul. Only then can we see the soul.

To see the soul from an experienced great man who has seen the soul, according to which, if we have walked that path a little bit and yes it has indeed been experienced for us. So by taking guidance from them through such great men, by meditating with them, we can see the soul. To know the soul, we need practice.

Because until we do the physical practice. You will not see the soul with your conscience. Till then, we will not know a soul. Because to see the soul, we need to do very hard meditation, which we call yoga practice.

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What is a yoga practice?

What does a soul look like?
What does a soul look like?

Yoga practice is to connect a soul with the divine. Because when we know the true form of the soul. Only then can we see and see God. A perfect man is needed to awaken the soul. Only through that excellent sage can we awaken our soul. To see the soul, we need to practice. Whatever practice we can do with this body. Because really, it is true that we can only see the soul through this body’s spiritual practice.

The great man says. Experienced yogi men show that the soul is very divine. What does a soul look like? So the soul looks very religious. Whose unbroken light is there? Because in the same way, our soul is separated. In that light, Maya Parmeshwar, we are separated from the body of God in the morning. Because it is the body of our body. We are Rome of God.

There are three eyes in our bodies.

There is a lot of light on God’s Rome. It is the form of light. Our soul is very light, which burns like a divine light. The yogis and meditational men have seen themselves with their eyes. I haven’t seen them with fierce eyes like the human body. They have seen him with a conscience because yogi men say there are three eyes in our body. “Three eyes are” All three eyes have their separate work.

It has two eyes in the body. Who sees the world. One eye is our soul. Who sees herself. The way we see our hands, body, everything with our eyes.
In the same way, through the celestial eye of the individual soul, we see that light-shaped living soul. He can see. So we can say that soul is a very divine light form.

Where is the soul in the body?

Now we talk about where are the souls sitting in the body? So as you know. I have repeated this in previous articles as well. That Yogi Mahapurush Satpurusha “Param Sant Baba Jaigurudev Ji Maharaj Mathura” made his disciples see the soul through yoga practice. He has revealed the origin of that practice where the soul sits in the body.

The soul in the body is sitting in the middle of both eyes. Which is a very divine form, and when we do one meditation with a concentrated mind, we get the full experience. Where is the soul sitting in our bodies? We can see the vision of the body, the soul in it. So this is how yogi men tell that the soul is sitting in the middle of both eyes in the body.

She is doing our body through omnipotent, sexual forces, progress, and progressivism, helping us make the body experience the truth. So the soul in the body is sitting in the middle of both eyes.

What is the soul made of?

Now we talk about what souls are made. So see, the soul remains in this body in a different, divine form because nothing works there. There is no factory of any kind operating in the world. The soul is not even a body. The soul is the gift of a divine person. God has given so that God is a light form.

A divinity appears there. There is a feeling of God. This Jyotirmaya soul remains. We can say that the soul is made of divine light. Now let’s talk. Friends,

How does the soul leave the body?

How does the soul leave the body? So see, it is clear that whoever is practising yoga will do. So he gets this complete experience. How do souls leave the body? Because we cannot know this. If we had known, after death, we would have returned and told the account of it. That is really how the soul leaves the body.

Only a yogi sage who saw the soul, saw the nature of the soul, saw the soul, what is the soul? How is it made? So he has clarified how the soul leaves the body? Which he has seen with his Divine eyes. Only by God’s mercy and grace can we see all this. Can hear.

Yogi men say that when souls leave the body. So good yoga is produced for good people. One who experiences negative things in his life, does bad things to others, does not do good deeds, experiences such intense pain for such people, and causes many physical and mental and all kinds of suffering.

Saw the soul and the divine

The soul leaves the body, but those on a true path. Together the way of truth is caught, and for those who do good deeds, a “divine chariot” of heaven appears to be the angel of God when the soul departs from the body. So he has a full feeling. That yes, we are leaving the body. When does it happen? When this happens to a good doer, a true doer.

By the way, we cannot make it clear. Only yoga and sattvic men can know this. That can give a complete definition of what one has seen in spiritual practice, who has seen the soul and God with his own eyes.

Post conclusion

I hope you guys like this information. I am not on my side; who is my guru. Who are my guides? “Param Sant Baba Jayagurudev” I shared this with you in a post. Where about the soul, where the soul is? How is it? In what form? What does a soul look like? How does the soul leave the body? What is the true condition of the soul? I hope you guys will like our post. Share this information more and more with your friends. Thank you.

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