How can we can’t expect God to do all the work

Welcome to All India World. We cannot expect God to do all of us. We cannot expect God to do all the work, dear, we cannot expect God to do all the work. Does God make a duty? Doesn’t our duty make us full duty? God is supported, today we will discuss this, you may have read the post in full, this post is a complete information to you.

we can’t expect God to do all the work

Today’s human has become so capable of progressing and changing that he has complete confidence in himself. When there is complete trust there is trust. In their own development, in their development, provided there are some people who believe in one God. It is not a bad thing to believe in God. They should have full faith in Him, but believing in God does not mean doing all our things.

Yes, he can help us. The inside can help. A new path can be opened automatically for us. But this does not mean that God should do all our work. No, we have to do it ourselves. Will have to move ahead on its own. Have to read, write, do your own work. Our duty is made. Remember not to give God full responsibility for any of your work.

God will do all our work, not that God helps us. The conscience helps him see us. We believe in him. It helps in our work but it is not that God should do all our work. We have to understand our responsibility and do our work ourselves. Bringing your mind forward in every work has to do with progress. The development has to be progressive and we have to move ahead ourselves to make our family the future of the society and the nation. God can only help us. It is not that he can do all our work.

we can’t expect God to do all the work furries

Actually, this is a real reality. Yes god can help us Can give a new way for us. But we cannot expect God to do all the work. Because to do all the work, we have to do our own physical activity and gave a healthy human body for this physical activity. Such a body is given that in every world the organism is aquatic land or animal.

Out of all those lives, the best God has given man’s life for us. This human body is given to perform karma. He has given good intelligence, he has given brain, through the brain, we conduct all actions. Hands and feet gave a beautiful skin, and in our body, much such energy has been given, through which energy we can do any work at the right time.

It is very important to have courage in us that yes we will do it. Because courage is man’s strength. Through strength, we can do the best so work possible. We can use all the powers given by God and through that power, we can do any work. It does not mean that we do nothing. Why won’t we have a lot of power? We have a lot of power through which we can work everything. However, we cannot expect God to do all the work. We have to take special care of this matter.

furry we can’t expect God to do all the work

We have to keep courage in ourselves, a strength because God has helped us in making all kinds of arrangements. We always expect God to do our work. But dear we cannot expect God to do all the work. We can only hope that God helps us. Do our work

Nowadays, humans have all kinds of such systems. The systems through which a miracle was believed, but in today’s time, people have developed that miracle a lot through science. First, we had to talk to someone, I had to take the support of some wire or, support of pigeon, letter. But nowadays science has made so much progress that we can talk face to face sitting thousands of kilometers away.

God is giving all this. But we all have a role in it because God has given a beautiful brain. There is also a memory of thousands of millions of KB inside it. Science has developed by using that memory. Through science, we can thank God. God can open a new path for us in doing everything. Can help Therefore my dear, we cannot expect God to do all the work. We have to do it ourselves, we will only put them forward and believe them. He will definitely help us.

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Today’s human is dependent on himself. Because a friend or friend of his family trusts him. A bond is born through faith. A relationship arises. In the same way, the tradition from the past about the bondage of God which is true in reality. Because we are children of God. We should always thank God. God helps us.

We can remember God in everything. Can meditate on them, pray to them. We are going to do some work. Very difficult but very important to do. How shall we do When will we do it? How it will happen? All kinds of questions arise in our minds. The brain of a human is very fickle. But the real truth is that our confidence says that yes we will do it, it has to be done. No matter how hard it is, day and night, we have to do it.

God will be very happy with us because God sees everything. God will be happy with us for the work we are doing, he will also gift us over our happiness. In this way, we are duty-bound to do our own work and take responsibility for ourselves. We cannot expect God to complete all the work, maybe some of them will remain incomplete. We can not be successful. One of our strengths may be weak. But by believing in God we can do everything. This God has given us the brain and a lot of power.

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Friends, through this post you know that we can not expect God to do all the work, we can take the help of God by doing full faith in ourselves. How was this post, you can give your suggestions through comments?

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