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Important secrets of Ramayana, What was Rama’s birth before? When was Ramayana written? Regarding the Important secrets of Ramayana, Goswami Tulsidas Ji wrote the author in his regional language period. Because there was a belief that the story of Ramayana should reach ordinary people so that with the duty and love in it, even a common person could get guidance from his life could find the right path in life. The Ramayana is a Sanskrit document apart from being a religious book.

What is Ramayana? Important secrets of Ramayana
What is Ramayana? Important secrets of Ramayana

Some Info Important Secrets Of Ramayana

One of the most famous and cherished Hindu epics, dating back to ancient India, is the Ramayana. In it, the adventures of Lord Rama, his wife Sita, and his brother Lakshmana in taking on the evil king Ravana are detailed.

These are some crucial Ramayana secrets:

One of the central themes of the Ramayana is the strength of devotion. Because of his love for his wife Sita, his father King Dasharatha, and his instructor Vishwamitra, Lord Rama, who embodies justice and devotion, is able to overcome all challenges.

The Significance of Dharma: The Ramayana also emphasises the importance of dharma, often known as righteousness. Even when it was challenging, Lord Rama always defended dharma, and it is this commitment to dharma that made him a great ruler and a respected figure in Hinduism.

The Influence of Hanuman: One of the most significant figures in the Ramayana is the monkey god Hanuman. He is adored in Hinduism for his devotion to Lord Rama and for his extraordinary strength and wisdom.

The significance of karma, or the law of cause and consequence, is also emphasised throughout the Ramayana. Each character in the novel has consequences for their actions, and the only way to become enlightened and free from suffering is to act morally and refrain from committing evil.

The Epic’s Symbolism: The Ramayana is full with symbolism, and each character and circumstance has a deeper significance. For instance, Sita stands for chastity and devotion, and Ravana for ego and stupidity.

Ultimately, the Ramayana is a timeless tale that imparts wisdom about dedication, morality, and the triumph of virtue over evil. Millions of people all around the world are still inspired and guided by its teachings today.

Guide to Ramayana life

It is translated into almost every language globally, including Germany, France, England, New Zealand, and Indonesia. The Ramayana in India As much as the drama of the Ramayana in Russia for the past several years, the Ramayana is an important subject of folklore. Rather the major theme is its reason. That never heard before to occupy. The land of others in India always considers India and friendship as friends.

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First, Ramayana Maha Rishi Valmiki wrote in the Sanskrit language; after that, when Sanskrit was not a prevalent language, he tried to translate it into his speech, which translated into Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Indian languages. In the north, Goswami Tulsidas Ji wrote Ramayana in the Awadhi language.

The story of the Ramayana strengthens the nation, believing that whenever it tries to crush humanity and humanity under its feet, there is some such force in the world. Only does its truth with a sense of confidence and love. It is based on this. Man dares to walk on the path of truth. The truth will always triumph Satyameva Jayate Satyameva Jayate.

What is Ramayana? Important secrets

Let us first talk about what Ramayana is. As you know, Ramayana is a very religious book. In Indian Hinduism – Lord Rama has been given the status of God. Those who have attained the quality of being a Purushottam, the best human being, have established such an ideal that a human being can walk on those ideals to become a noble and powerful person.

The human being can become superior according to his deeds. Ram is primarily God in the Ramayana, and he expressed such a character that established a very ideal for human society, in which he revealed the ways of God. He worked to show the truth and the practice of justice and religion. On which a human being can make his life successful.

Ramayana was first written by Maharishi Valmiki in Ramayana. But even before that, Ramayana. It was written, which you will follow. Ramayana was translated into Hindi by Goswami Tulsidas Ji Maharaj. Based on this, we all know Ramcharitmanas. Through Ramcharitmanas, we can understand the story of Ram Ji, the level of God, the ideals of God, and the law of God very well.

Ramayana for human society

By following the path shown by God, one can become a good and righteous person. Ramayana is a matter of great pride for human society. Through Ramayana, we can make our life a moral, holy, justice-loving ideal. The Ramayana is primarily told. Through Ramcharitmanas. That Rama was considered the form of God.

He had four brothers, Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna, his father, Dasharatha, and three mothers, Kaushalya Sumitra and Kaikeyi, being the main characters. After this, Ram Ji goes into exile on his father’s orders. Ram was in the forest for 14 years as a Forest there killed the wicked. Destroyed demons, destroyed evils, revealed good.

He sat around with many saints and satsangs and killed evil demons. Ravana kidnapped Sita. Then he befriended Sugriva. After friendship, he got servants like Hanuman Ji. He discovers Sita Mata; Hanuman Ji discovers Sita. He goes across the sea and finds Sita in the kingdom of Ravana.

Important secrets of Ramayana’s victory of truth over untruth

The monkeys, including the army, departed for the kingdom of Lanka and built a bridge over the sea. From this, his army reached Lanka. Ram Ravana’s fierce “war” war took place in Lanka. In the end, Rama won. Truth won over untruth. After completing 14 years, Ram Sita Lakshman came to Ayodhya. By blaming \ Sita on Sita. Citizens were given exiled to Sita as per Rama’s orders.

After this, Sita went to a sage Mahatma “Maharishi Valmiki” ashram. She resided there, and Ram jihad’s two children, “Love and Kush,” were educated by a good guru. They practiced Ramayana completely. He told everything in the Ramayana and taught the book “Rama’s Leela.”

Lav Kush, taking the false charge against Sita as a revolution, narrated the Ramayana in front of Maharaja Shri Ram. Who was his father himself? The first speakers of Ramayana were Luv and Kush. Who sang Ramayana in front of his father. In this way, Ramayana is a very religious book. Based on this, it can uplift human society.

Important secrets of Ramayana that you can know

We are going to tell you about the secret related to Ramayana. Tell you that the mystery which gave the start of Ramayana. It was written many years before the birth of the first Lord Rama. Maharishi Valmiki composed the Ramayana epic; this poem has 24000 verses, 500 subdivisions, and seven scandals, including answers.

According to Valmiki Ramayana, Lord Shri Ram was born on the ninth day of Shukla Paksha of Chetra month in Cancer Ascendant in the rehabilitation constellation. At that time, Sun, Mars, Saturn, Guru, and Venus were in their respective higher positions, and with the Moon in the Ascendant, the Guru was also present. The best state of the planets. The child born in this hour is supernatural.

The Lord Shri Ram went into exile. His age was around 27 years, and Goddess Sita was only 18. The mention of this is found in the Valmiki Ramayana itself. King Dasaratha did not want to send Shri Rama into exile. But when he did not think of any way to stop Shri Ram, he even told Shri Ram that he should take me captive and become a king.

Important secrets of Ramayana

According to the fourth Valmiki Ramayana, building a bridge over the sea took only five days. On the first day, the monkey built 14 bridges. On the second day, 20 planned for the second day, 21 planned for the third day, 22 planned for the fourth day, and 23 planned for the fifth day, in this way. A bridge of a total of 100 plans was constructed. The ten plan was wide. A project has a width of about 13 to 16 km.

Everyone knows that Ravana killed Mother Sita only after being angry with Laxman, having cut the nose of Shurpanakha. But Ravana was cursed to be an apocalypse, not a tiger himself. That Ravana killed her sister Shurpanakha’s husband. Then Shurpanakha cursed Ravana in his mind that your Holocaust would happen because of me.

When Hanuman Ji set fire to Lanka, he went from one end to another. Then Shanidev got his eye. Locked Bay in a closet. Hanuman Ji freed him from bondage. Shani Dev tested strength to be free from bondage. And the wisdom of Hanuman Ji. Him that it is truly Lord Sri Ramachandra’s messenger Hanuman. Then he promised Hanuman Ji that whoever will be a devotee of you on earth, he will keep him away from all suffering and will never give any trouble to that person. That is why there is worship in the Hanuman temple on Saturday. Hanuman Chalisa is also recited.

Unknown secrets of Ramayana

One day Lord Ramachandra Devi told Sita Ji, dear, I am about to start my Lila; Khar corruption has been killed. When Shurpanakha is brought to Lanka with this news, Ravana will not fight face-to-face. He will do some tricks. Now I have to kill these evil ones. You remain safe in the fire until you remove all the demons. Saying this, Lord Shriram ignited the fire, and Mother Sita entered the fire with the permission of Shri Rama. In place of Mata Sita Ji, Brahma Ji placed the reflection of Sita Ji in the position of Sita Ji.

Mata Sita was taken away by Ravana. It was only a reflection of Mother Sita, and Rama wanted to confirm it upon returning. Whether Ravana changed that reflection, he urged Mata Sita to enter Agni. When Mother Sita entered and exited the fire circle, she met Lord Shri Ram.

Apes in modern times

In modern times we see monkeys like us. Lord Hanuman was not like that at all. It is said so. In earlier times, there was a monkey named Kapi. Hanuman Ji was a Brahmin of the same caste. A researcher noted that such a caste of apes existed in India about 10-12 years ago, which started extinction about 15000 years ago.

The name of this monkey caste was Kapi. The people of this monkey caste had the same body and free human form. But they used to ask like a monkey. Unfortunately, in India, the common species has ended. But it is said—the existence of some borrowed. Wild humans can be seen even today in Bali, Indonesia.

The first to read Ramayana in the world was Luv and Kush, sons of Lord Rama. He told Ram Katha himself in front of his father, Shri Ram. Luv and Kush also said this after completing the first Ram Katha. O Pitu Bhagya, in front of Rama, telling our wake up Rama Katha.


Friends, you have known the Ramayana, what is Ramayana, the secret secrets of Ramayana. Such mysteries of Ramayana. Which is known by very few people? Learning these secrets, reverence for Ramayana, and faith in him would have increased in the minds of all of us. So, friends, we hope you will like the interesting facts related to Ramayana.

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