What Is The Human Soul || Where Does A Living Soul In Humans?

What is the human soul? where does a living soul in humans? What is a soul in a human body? Where does the residing soul At which place of the human body is the person sitting? According to the statements the great men gave, all the things related to the soul are physical actions told in reality. What are the souls, and where are they located in the human body?

What is the human soul? And where does a living soul in humans?
And where does a living soul in humans?

What is a living soul?

The living soul and where it is sitting. Hello, as you know, all the living beings in this world are living beings. A spirit is sitting inside everyone. They talk about the individual soul of the body; the soul is the soul of an organism. The life inside the body also has a soul inside him.

The soul is related to the divine, like Jiva +Atman = Jeevatma. If we see the soul, it is not our own. Because even this human body is not ours, as long as our body is strong, let us assume our respiratory process is correct, there are souls inside our body, as long as there are living souls inside the body.

As soon as our body reaches a bad state, it is destroyed. So our body becomes active. Jeevatma is a part of God, and he is the divine master. The soul is miraculous in a very light. The great man says that with the spirit, we can see and hear; he can talk.

A brief description of the living soul.

Satguru Baba Jaygurudev Ji Maharaj has said that the soul can be mighty, and many powers are absorbed inside. If we have awakened our living soul, the charisma of the soul inside our body is extraordinary, what we call spiritual powers.

It appears inside our bodies. Through that person, we can see it. How is Jeevatma Jeevatma a very light and existing being? Which is continuously published. The soul is illuminated, and it is absorbed in light.

Where is the soul sitting inside the body?

Now let’s talk about where the soul is sitting. Where is the soul seated inside the body? The great man says that the soul is installed in the body. Where is she sitting? The great man says that in the middle of both eyes, the soul is seated inside the middle of both eyebrows. The great man says that through the living soul, we can see the vision of God, the Supreme Father.

The soul is in the middle of our eyes and brain and sits in the middle. According to the path of the great men, we are sitting in a body; we can see the living soul in the practical right.

When can we see the soul?

When can we see the soul? We can see the soul only when a great man is knowledgeable. If we find it, he can tell us the right path. According to the direction given by the same great man whose soul is mixed with God, we can provide a vision of the soul. Through Jeevatma, we can interview God.

We can see the soul through cultivation. Because until we do spiritual practice with the body. In the body, they will not perform actions or do yoga until we cannot see the soul. With these two eyes, we cannot see the soul. We will need cultivation to know the soul.

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You have to follow the path described by the great man. Only then can we see the real soul. The great men of Jeevatma told the story that Jeevatma is a very light organism sitting in the middle of both eyes of our body and one who feels like running our whole body.


You learned about Jeevatma. What is the soul? How is the soul seen? Where are the souls sitting in our bodies? Get to know all kinds of things related to the living soul. Do share this information may post it with your friends.

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