What is the Soul of man? Nature of Eternal Souls

Where does the Soul go after leaving the body? What is an eternal soul? Here in “Eternal Soul,” it’s rare for most people to hear about someone you know. He considers or practices a painful spiritual journey. They are striving for inspiration to find a path towards self-realization of our true nature.

Eternal Soul , The Nature of Our Really eternal soul Are Always Already Alright
Eternal Soul


Eternal Soul, The nature of our true immortal Soul, is always right in advance. Most Westerners will not be motivated to take that first step, the eternal Soul. Our homogenized version of a modern culture discourages ‘such’ exploration of the Soul because we have collectively ‘cast out the individual enlightening spiritual infinite nature.

Add to this that the mind-blowing busyness of our modern culture bombards us with an endless stream of high-tech garbage, for which postmodern rationalists have to make excuses for non-rational archaic worlds based on myth, magic, and eternal soul miracles. Ideas and dogmas need to be embraced. ,

The vision of the eternal Soul is

A proper path of spirituality. A growing number of modern atheists can only remember the atrocities and cannot embrace the deviant ‘mythological-literal’ approach as the appropriate path to spirituality.

From the point of view of our collective social consciousness, the only plain ‘energetic’ limitless nature in contact with our higher consciousness is perceived as this ‘soul.’

There is no ‘divine timetable’ for awakening our eternal souls. And our souls don’t evolve from something less to something better. The nature of our immortal souls is born solely in this material world.

Eternal Soul.

All we have to do is awaken the self-awareness of being true. Every created Soul will feel a call from within to listen to its higher calling, and that ‘calling’ comes to us based on our actual needs.

As we move through the psychological developmental stages of growing up”. We deepen our spiritual path by ever-expanding the circle of our embrace. And further towards our awakening to the self-realization of our actual being.

Every Soul

In its way, it is naturally drawn towards a deeper understanding of life and is somehow driven to feel that there is more to life.

May the peace and tranquillity of understanding your actual being inspire the wholeness of your infinite Soul. Imagine positive qualities. Love, compassion, joy, and equanimity are moving toward your passion. And to the loved ones now, as fruits ripen in the sun.

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Imagine that all others are positively affected by the light of this radiance; Imagine that you can see those positive qualities in others.


We are all driven toward a deeper connection. With the same ‘eternal soul.’ And we are looking for ways to build bridges toward world harmony. The intention of what is said; Eternal Soul, in earnest; not a joke or a hoax; Meaningful.

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